Are you dreaming a pinteresting home and fresh flowers on your desk every morning?

For the simple reason that I was in the same quest for daily order and punctuality, but also a bit lazy, I was able to come out with this exclusive mini-guide.

The following are the actual organizing tips I used to stay organized and relaxed during full working weeks:

+ Organizing tips for your daily life
+ Organizing tips for work
+ Organizing tips for your closet
+ Organizing tips for your kitchen-life

Look, you don’t have to get a thousand likes on social networks. In fact, what’s better than getting a piece of mind uncluttered and a better perspective on your day?

Organizing Tips – Life

 #1 Prioritize Before You Go to Bed

Do you remember how it feels when you’re a bit nervous before going to sleep, because you have a huge confusion on all the things you need to do tomorrow?

This lack of clearness can be a serious pain in the ass and make you sleepless sometimes.

organizing tips - write night beforeHere’s the tip:

The best thing to do to boost your productivity and sleep tight is writing a to-do list for the next day, and then prioritizing the tasks.

Not only tomorrow you won’t randomly rush from a task to another in complete panic, you’ll also be able to complete the most important things on the list.


Kate Spade Agenda 

#2 See What’s NextOrganizing Tips - iphone reminder

Not so obvious, technology also helps in this case.

I use the “reminder” app that came with my iphone to prioritize my daily tasks, and I love it. In fact, you can simply check what’s already done and see what’s next.

Another useful feature of the reminder is what you’ve checked don’t get cancelled but hidden, so you can also keep track of all your daily goals!


#3 Get a Shopping Planner

I’m sure you agree with me if I say that to know what to buy at the grocery is great:

  • You don’t waste your time once you step inside the shop
  • You keep money safe from the last minute hungry shopping

As mentioned earlier, your phone can help. In fact, there’s a bunch of free grocery list apps out there.

I discovered an app called “Buy me a pie”, that I find very useful. I comes with pre-filled items to add to your list, or you can write what you need and simply checkmark once you’ve done… just plain awesome!

organizing tips - grocery app


#4 Get a Perspective on Sales and Deals

Don’t get me wrong, this post is not about apps, but they’re a game changer for your daily life, so I couldn’t resist to give this kind of advice.

Along with the previous app, this one’s both a money and time saver floating in the organizing tips galaxy.

More specifically, what if you could have information on special promotions and deals for the stores near your home?

I have found this app called “shopfully” to see the weekly offers of groceries, discounts, DIY shops and many other categories. When I find a good deal I’m also able to save it for a reminder. Great stuff , uh?!

organizing tips - local deals app


organizing tips - write your goals#5 Become a Go-getter

As my beloved Brian Tracy says:

“To unlock and unleash your full potential, you should make a habit of daily goal setting and achieving for the rest of your life. You should develop a laser-like focus so that you are always thinking and talking about what you want rather than what you don’t want.” – Brian Tracy

I believe this advice is gold.

If you clearly set your yearly, monthly and weekly goals you’ll only have to ask yourself how to get them.

In essence, once you know what you want the process is simple.


  • Write your goals on a paper
  • Wand then write down all you need to do to get them
  • Now cut the fluff, prioritize and schedule all the little steps towards your goals.


organizing tips -buy gifts#6 Buy Christmas Gifts all Year Round

Do you ever notice how many mails you get from members-only retail clubs with flash sales and incredible discounts?

Interestingly, a bunch of sites sells great stuff for less all year round.

Create a people-to-gift list is the best solution to forget the desperate shopping of December 23.

You’ll have all the time to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends, pay less to have’m and have a good excuse to do some relaxing online shopping all year round.

Not to mention your happy credit card statement on January.


#7 Become a Birthdays Super-Hero

Yet again, set an alarm for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions for the people around you, make it ring two days before and the target day.

People will love it and they’ll see you like a hero, because spontaneous interest and care is the most touching expression of esteem, and everyone loves to feel special.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

Dale Carnegie

organizing tips - time for you#8 Set a Time for Yourself

If you’re always in a hurry to stay on top of everything, it’s easy to fall in the trap of not taking care of yourself.

Conversely, once you understand that feeling good is a priority to get a happier life, you only have decide on how to get there.

Here’s how:

Without a doubt, little beauty-breaks like going to the hairdresser and the cosmetologist can make your day every once in a while.

That is why, the next time you go get your hair done, just make sure you set a new future appointment, so you’re engaged in feeling good.

Manicure Set


Organizing Tips – Work


organizing tips - plan outfits#9 Stop Staring at The Closet

If you hate to rush into your closet every morning and to get out of it with an arguable outfit, this is for you.

There’s a ton of quick and easy organizing tips to fix the issue, but here’s the most useful:

Just make sure you decide what to wear the night before and get it out of the closet.

You’ll be surprised for the change in your look and your overall image will benefit.




organizing tips - marie kondo folding#10 Stop Messing Up Documents

Are you the kind of person who spends minutes hunting documents on the desk and all around the office?

This one is simple:

Just clear off your desk everyday before leaving the office.

If you think this will cost you 5 or 10 minutes of your time, then consider the amount of time you lose every week to search for things, not to mention the distraction this cause you every time.




organizing tips- work to do list#11 Get Off the Mail-Hell

If you followed advice at #2 you already know what to do, it’s written on your phone.

But it’s not finished yet:

Once you’re at the office,write your to-do  list on a piece of parer. Research says written paper is more bounding and better linked to your unconscious mind, so you have more chances to follow it.

Write your to-do list before starting your pc and don’t look at emails until you’ve finished the first and most important task.

To do list


organizing tips - call yourself#12 Follow up on yourself

Have you finished that presentation at the time required?

Are you getting things done to reach your goals?

If so, well done, you’re on the right path.

Otherwise, what’s keeping you off? How do you overcome the situation?

Always remember you’re just giving a follow up call to yourself, you’re not authorized to bring yourself down.

Just make clear what’s getting you off of your goals and decide upon a solution.

Old Style Phone


Organizing Tips – Closet

organizing tips - colored hangers#13 Categorize Clothes Easily

Here’s how:

  • Hang clothes in categories
  • Hang all the sweaters in a block, then shirts, pants, skirts and so on.

And if you want to make it easier to recognize the different “blocks”, just use hangers of the same color for every block.

You’ll get a rainbow in the closet 😀

Colored Hangers


#14 Make Color Blocks

Now  you have categorized items and organized hangers blocks.

So, it’s time to order each item the same category for blocks of colors.

Not only this will save you a bunch of time when you’ll be in search for a white shirt, you’ll also have clear when it’s time to iron something or to pick it up from the laundry.

organizing tips - hang for color


organizing tips - hang for length#15 First Things First

Make all your clothes visible in the closet, so you can use everything.

Hang dresses and skirts in order of:

#1 Season

#2 Length

#3 Color

In the end you’ll have all your summer dresses hung in the same block from the shortest to the longest with every length ordered by color. Seeing is believing!

#16 Clothes For Work IndicatorOrganizing tips for closet

The simplest organizing tips are also the most useful.

This one’s really cool:

If you mark all the hangers for work appropriate clothes you’ll find them all in a flash.

Just put a colored ribbon, some colored scotch tape or a colored paperclip on said hangers and you’re done.


organizing tips - select hangers#17 Recognize the “untouchables”

Do you have any items that hang untouched in your closet since forever?

But how can you say it for sure when the last thing you want to do is ordering your wardrobe?

Here’s how:

The no-more-excuses tip to fix this closet malfunction is to hang all the clothes with the hanger facing outwards.

After a few months using clothes, and hanging them back in the opposite and easier position, you’ll clearly figure out which items got untouched.

organizing tips - outfits together#18 Get an Outfit-Ready Closet

If that jacket goes well with those pants and that skirt, then you can hang all together!

Use a can tab to hang the complements to the masterpiece and you’re done.



organizing tips - bag for bag

#19 Change Your Bag Everyday in a Flash

How often it happens that you’d love to change bag for one day, but you’re at terrified at the thought of moving things?

You could lose this, forget that and never find ‘em again.

Oh, the anguish!

If you don’t want to feel like Rose and Jack in the middle of a sinking ship, just get a bag for your bags.
That’s exactly like the lifeboat hung on a ship.

You have this little pouch where you put all your things, and you simply relocate it inside every bag you change.


“Random crap” pouch

ORGANIZING TIPS - FOLDING TEES#20 Find Your Tees at First Glance

Imagine yourself opening the drawer in the morning and…Bam!  You have a complete perspective on all your tees.

If you like the idea, just do this:

Double fold t-shirts and polos and make them stand upright in the drawer.
I discovered this anti-chaos method trying to contain my fashionably messy boyfriend, then I found out someone wrote a bestseller book on this and other interesting organizing tips.

If you want to check out the book is written by the Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo and it’s called “The life-changing magic of tidying up”. Next time I have such ideas I write a book called the “life-changing magic of keeping up with a messy significant other”…


organizing tips - shoes#21 Shoes Shoes Shoes

Organize all the current season shoes outside their boxes, so you can locate every pair at first glance and use them all.

If you want to keep the shoes in boxes, opt for transparent boxes, so you can see through and quickly reach out for your shoes.



organizing tips - shoes shoes


#22 … And shoes

Another tip:

For the shoes left outside, dispose right shoe toe out and left shoe heel out so you can see both, and make a bit easier finding what you’re planning to wear.




 organizing tips -glorious cactus#23 Stop Singing in The Rain

Keep singing under the shower and get an umbrella when it rains instead.

Here’s how:

Hang umbrellas in the coat closet and get’em out only when it rains.

It’s nicer to have a glorious cactus near the entrance, isn’t it?




#24 Toss Those Eggs Aside

Instead use the egg compartment of your fridge to store your nail polish.

Please read again.

Sure, You can do this, it’s a super duper trick to store your nail polish, because it will stay liquid until the last drop.

Not to mention how fashionable your fridge will get.organizing tips - nail polish in fridge



Organizing Tips – Kitchen

organizing tips - grocery bags holder#25 Get a Doll For Your Kitchen

Now you have a stylish way to hide plastic bags without folding them. Put ’em all in the skirt of a doll.

I mean, the person who invented those plastic bag holders must be a genius.

I’ve found one at the local market and I love keeping bags there, its easy to use and the kitchen looks organized and original.



organizing tips - weekly menu#26 Chefs Problems

Either you’re working inside or outside home, you likely don’t have the time to think what to cook for lunch and dinner, right?

Stated differently, you run at the grocery 5 minutes before everyone takes a seat around the table and prepare something to eat.

If you want to say goodbye to those days, here’s what to do:

Print a weekly calendar and set a menu for each weekday, so you already know what you need to buy and what you’re cooking.

In this way, you can even send someone to do the shopping for you.


  organizing tips - kitchen jar#27 Use glass jars

Do you really want a interesting touch in your Kitchen?

If you use glass jars for cookies and foodies, you’ll also get quicker at guessing the supplies you need to buy.

Despite this, you could still have an issue with such organizing tips. Specifically, you might miss the best-before date reported on the boxes.

Here’s how to fix it:

Just make sure you attach a little paper tape under the jars and write the expiring date.

Glass jar

Organizing tips - puzzle clean home

#28 Puzzle-clean your home

As a puzzle is made up of little pieces, your home is organized in rooms, and you should be able to clean each room in 20-30 minutes.

For a better home management, make sure you clean up almost one room a day and wash your bathroom everyday, so you’ll have a tidy home all week long.

Eventually, keep a day a week for general housekeeping.At this point it will also get easier and quicker.



organizing tips - standing baggies#29 Baggies Up

As mentioned at #20, likewise t-shirts and polos in the drawer are easier to reach and skim through, standing baggies in the freezer will give you an immediate idea of what you have stored.

Not to say they will also give a stylish and sleek look to your freezer.




The Takeaway

In conclusion, staying organized doesn’t necessarily mean losing your head for neatness.

If you’re like me, chances are you’re also  a bit lazy, and you’ll likely be happier with little daily improvements to simplify your ordinary mess.

Once you have read all the 29 organizing tips reported above, decide from where you want to start.

You can now start from the kitchen priorities like planning your meals, or have a look at how to get an effortlessly sleek closet with some quick organizing tips.

Equally important, I’ve included some tips for your life and work organization. Because you know, what’s more important than getting a clear vision of the road you want to follow in life and work?

In short, just decide to take action on little daily routines to simplify your life and keep your mind uncluttered.

Now think about this, and tell me about you. How do you stay on top of your daily mess?

Let me know in the comments.