taking a hiatus from instagram givin it the middle finger

taking a hiatus from instagram givin it the middle finger

Vogue Paris

Lately I’ve taken a not-so-short hiatus from Instagram because I felt like it was killing my passion for fashion instead of keeping me inspired. A month or so of distance made me finally realize that maybe I was not really wrong about my feelings. The fact is that everyone today is “in fashion”, and it seems that all you really need to succeed is growing your numbers instead of being creative and put out meaningful content. Plus, most of the bloggers seem to be more into photo filters and sales dates than they are into wearing amazing outfits that make you dream.

I know it looks like I’m whining, but have a bit more patience. The point here is that it’s great to be able to do everything you want with just an outfit and a camera, but I feel like everything is looking so standardized and poor lately. It’s like everyone’s trying to sell themselves using fashion as a tool. But fashion is art, not just clothes put on nicely and packed in a pastel pink filter for the sake of a (thousand) click(s).

And I’m not totally innocent in this crime scene. I’m the one who reposts other accounts and makes posts showing influencer’s daily outfits, so I’m guilty too. The fact is, this is a game where you can win or lose, and if you want to win – aka have loads of followers- you have to be very specific about picking the right strategies on the game you’re playing.

So, being yourself?

Yes, but only your complaisant self, please. Only be that one version of yourself who has a definite style, that appeals to a certain demographic and please, stick with your filter or your followers could get annoyed. Only be the “best version of yourself” but don’t mind about the purpose, because in this game you’re just a product that needs to sell out, and nobody likes unpredictable products, right?

This thing is starting to stink and it’s time we raise our head + our middle finger and just let ourselves be, instead.

The gram is the tool, we are the makers.



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