Amy Roiland is the first boss lady to get interviewed on femalejungle for the new #MeetTheBoss series, to bring you some #girlboss inspo, and a new fresh app to share your style!

Here’s the complete interview on how she finished her studies, set up a stylish blog, and built a new, and USEFUL fashion networking app, where she’s in total control, truly girl-bossing.


Amy, here we are, tell us about you

I grew up on a farm in Northern California with horses and all kinds of other animals.

I went to school up north and ended up switching colleges mid way when I moved to Los Angeles and started to study marketing and fashion merchandise.

I felt like in school I knew more about the current fashion trends and news than most of the teachers and students. I graduated with a BA in marketing and merchandise.

My favorite thing to do is shoot blog pics and edit them!

I love being hands on with my blog and do all of the hard work. I also love marketing my app FashionTap.

So, you’re in the edgiest industry of our time: the fashion-tech market!


Tell us about your App – FashionTap – how does it work?

FashionTap is a fashion/beauty social networking app that connects everyone on one social platform in the fashion industry.

FashionTap allows users to make a profile connect their Instagram feed and post their already posted images and directly tag their exact products to their images.


That’s a useful way to get a direct link to shop your favorite blogger’s fashion finds, right?

Yes! In fact, makeup artists and fashion bloggers can finally tag all of their exact makeup and fashion items to their images, and share them with a direct link to the product, for the followers who are interested in grabbing the items.

They’ll be able to tag every item they’re posting, like lip liner, eyeliner, eyeshadow, highlight, foundation, lashes, shoes, bags, clothes etc… You can tap on those exact things and buy the items your style icon is actually using.

amy roiland boss lady at - fashiontap


Wow, that’s interesting and incredibly useful for the fashion addicted. What’s in for the bloggers/influencers who tag their items?

Well, the influencer makes a cut of every sale via the tag built into FashionTap, since the direct link is actually an affiliate link.

In fact, the tags are built-in affiliate tags, so bloggers and influencers are monetizing their content through FashionTap.


Great! Do you have something else to pull out of the hat?

Sure, FashionTap is connecting everyone and helping everyone be found. It also is a database where you can search for anyone in the fashion industry by where they live, to work with them.

You can connect with makeup artists, hair stylists, bloggers, fashion stylists, brands, designers, boutiques, retailers, photographers, models, PR, and fashion enthusiasts all over the world!


Who’s your style icon?

Jean Shrimpton and Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

Jean Shrimpton is one of the world’s first supermodels. She was an icon of Swinging London and dominated the fashion scene of the 60s and 70s.

amy roiland interview-jean-shrimpton-beauty-vogue-1965

📷: Vogue

Charlotte Kemp Muhl is a model, singer, and musician who’s on the fashion scene since she was 13. In 2003, she became the youngest cover girl of Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar.

amy roiland icons charlotte kamp muhl

📷: Vogue

How would you define your style? Tell us about your style personality.

My style is very quirky, very 60s vintage mixed with a modern twist.

I love mixing current trends with older trends. And, as you can probably tell, I love wearing glasses. Glasses and shoes are my two favorite things in fashion!

My favorite eyeglass brands are, See Eyewear, Pared Eyewear, Polette Eyewear, BonLook, Dita eyewear, and more.


How did you decide to set up FashionTap?

I was working as the head PR marketing person at an E- commerce denim company and realized there was a huge void in technology social networking platforms, when it came to the fashion industry.

My boss asked me to locate her fashion bloggers in Austin, TX for The South by Southwest® to send them denim to wear. I was literally pulling my hair out, I couldn’t locate any.

I had a friend who worked in technology and he always asked me if I wanted to create a fashion app. I always said no, not until I can actually make something that can change the world for the best.

So, when I saw this huge issue on locating people, I knew I had a great idea.


amy roiland interview boss lady

I also hated when I went onto Instagram and asked girls who made their shoes or dress and they would never answer, or they would say ZARA and I would have to search pages and pages to find them and I would just give up!

So I thought it was time to set up FashionTap, where people can not only be found by what they do and where they live for work, but they can directly tag their exact items to their images and drive sales and make cuts of every sale.

We share commissions with our users and NO ONE does this.

In fact, here’s the difference between FashionTap and Instagram:

Amy Roiland boss lady at fashiontap interview

What’s your biggest business challenge?

The start of it all, getting the word out there.

It’s slowly spreading and we are growing day by day.

I am a one women show, managing a team and working on raising funds for the app. I believe once we have enough funds, it will be a lot easier for us to overcome more business challenges.


Did you ever find yourself stuck because of some internal resistance or personal challenge?

I’ve never felt stuck, because if I ever start feeling like this I keep moving ahead with something new.

I have been focused over the past 3 years on A Fashion Nerd, my blog and over the past 8 months on my app, FashionTap.

Sometimes I feel like its repetitive but I get through it and try to find light and make everything new and exciting.

amy roiland boss lady


Do you have a mentor or a female icon who inspires you?

I really look up to Diane Von Furstenberg and Betsy Johnson, those women are legends in the fashion industry.


Your favorite quote to get motivated

Here’s a quote by me and one that I say every single day. But I also  love to read other women’s motivational quotes!

Amy Roiland, boss lady quote

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What do you think is the major requirement to become a boss lady?

Being focused and passionate about what you are doing.

Trying to change the world for the better and help others is my main focus. And I want to help everyone get paid what they deserve, and be found for work.

Then, it is almost impossible right now to locate indie brands and designers and I am slowly changing this, I want FashionTap to be one of the biggest fashion databases around!

amy roiland of fashion tap boss lady


Tell us a little trick to become a popular influencer on FashionTap.

The secret is interaction:

Interact with people and comment on images.

Work with my top brands on the app and top designers.

I have one user who’s worked with every single brand and designer on my app, she’s a smart girl.

Be active and talk to me and I can feature you on the app so everyone follows you as well. I am always looking to feature users weekly!

Here’s how to set up your profile and start interacting on the app:

  1. Make sure you set up your profile, add a profile image and a bio.
  2. Upload at least 10-15 images to start, have a full profile.
  3. Go to our search Top Users page and follow everyone there.
  4. Go to my page @Amy and go to my recent followers and start following everyone there.


Thank you Amy,

it’s been a pleasure to have you, and it’s becoming such an exciting adventure for me to get to know people like you, from all over the world, thanks to this little treasure of a website!

I believe everyone who’s reading this article will be amazed on how brilliant the above mentioned boss lady is, and since I’d love femalejungle to become an empowering place for all of us girls, leave a comment below and let us know what you think about setting up your own business.

Until next time!

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