Anna Wintour is one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry.
She’s been able to make and break fashion designer’s careers in the last 30 years and she’s well known for her leadership skills.
In this post you’ll see how a simple change in your business casual outfit can dramatically streamline your way to success.

Here’s how to leverage your image in order to grow you career and boost your authority, following the masterful example of Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour Quotes
You may think people like Vogue America’s editor-in-chief know how to ask for something, and that’s why most of the time they get it. Right?

I’ve personally experienced that a fashion show just can’t start until the moment Anna Wintour sits down at first row.

It’s easy to say her growing power is due to the position she already owns.

This is a true and good perspective to consider, but remember, Anna Wintour did a working path to get there, just like everyone. And she’s also been fired once, by Harper’s Bazaar.  So, what if you’re not yet in the powerful position you’re dreaming of?

Is there a simple way you can differentiate yourself form the competition and gain authority?

Well there is.

Make Anna Wintour Your Business Casual Muse

Think about Anna Wintour’s working outfits.
Her style is pretty much unchanged since the ‘80s.

And what is that she wears, mostly?

She wears suits.

It may be a flared dress and a blazer, or skirt and shirt, plus a blazer.

Many defines her style – suits, bob haircut and sunglasses – a “signature”.

Look, I’m not telling you to go out and find your signature style. Because clearly you have to find a signature style, but the point is:

[Tweet “Will you strategically choose your signature style to convey authority?”]

And here I come to help!

In order to get your effective business casual signature outfit you should:

  1. Find the best fits to enhance your body and balance your proportions
  2. Pick the best colors for your skin tone
  3. Choose your outfit in order to convey a specific message of authority and trustworthiness.

And what’s more authoritative than a uniform?

Wait, I don’t mean you have to pop in your cubicle dressed like a marine! Keep reading and grab your dirty trick 😀

You can elicit a sense of authority and trustworthiness simply adding some uniform-like feature to your business casual outfit.

For example, look at Anna Wintour, she often wears structured blazers or long structured coats.

anna wintour styles

It’s a fact that people in formal clothes are perceived as authorities. And they also say that when you perceive authority from someone you’re pushed to answer positively to her requests.

In other words, you can reshape your daily outfit in a powerful social leverage.

There’s this fascinating research that already in 1955 stated how just the representation of a powerful social status – aka formal wear – pushes people around you to literally follow your behavior without even getting in direct communication with you.

Pedestrians violated the prohibition of an automatic traffic signal more often in the presence of an experimenter’s model who violated the prohibition than when the latter conformed or was absent.

Significantly more violations occurred among pedestrians when the nonconforming model was dressed to represent high social status than when his attire suggested lower status.

How powerful is this?

In another research, assistants asked people passing by on the street to do something. When they wore security guards uniforms, almost 9 out of 10 people obeyed.

And that’s why, if you want to convey an immediate sense of authority, you should always wear a formal structured garment, like Anna Wintour does!

Now you have a simple way to get instant credibility and authority and you can use it as a leverage to get your economic and social goals and gain self-control.

Remember that our brain requires one second -or less- to process the imagine of a new person and put a tag on it: Rich, Poor, Loser, Strong, Sloppy, Friendly, Authority.

And this can make or break you.

It’s not that you can’t change someones’s mind after the first impression, but why would you choose the winding road when you can get straight to the point?

Why would you want to lose a chance to get what you want in a faster and smarter way?

Important people always set up their own dress-code, and it actually becomes a uniform they’re not just recognized for but also trusted, and sometimes feared.

Now tell me, in what circumstance do you think this powerful business casual trick could have helped you?
Or maybe you’re already using it you so you can share your experience.

In both cases, write it all in the comments below!


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