You think we’re just going to talk about arm cuff jewelry like bangles, bracelets and anything you’ll tag #armparty, right?

You’re right. But, there’s so much more I’m going to tell you.

For example, would you call it a donut if it didn’t have a hole?

And would you call it a unicorn if it didn’t have, well, a horn?

Look, that’s the importance of accessories.

My theory says ( and I’m sure that’s not just mine) that, when you gotta put together an outfit and set a meaningful mood for your style, accessories count as much as clothes.

In 3 words:[Tweet “Accessories Are Essential”]

That’s why you should have a look at the arm cuff jewelry I picked for you on Amazon. Then, find out, as a side note, that wearing “designer” doesn’t really mean that much.

Believe me, as long as your style fits your mood and who you are, as long as it makes you feel happy and confident, you don’t need no designer to label you.

And when you shop, put your hands on the things you fall in love with, on the colors that bring you joy, on the fabrics that make you feel alive. That’s the only way to fill your closet with personal things.

Dare, dare, dare always!

And guess the price of these cuffs and bangles…!


Arm cuff coffee jewelry: metal

arm cuff jewelry metal bangle

Silver cuff bangle, $184

This is the cuff for the tough career girl. Wear it whenever you want, but especially on Monday morning, with a strong espresso on the side.




Lace or rope? With red polish, anyway

Arm cuff jewelry, black and golden bangle

Black & gold rope + crystals, $ 29.95 / Gold plated floral lace filigree, now $29.98 

Textures are the accessory of accessories, they make them unique. I love both the rope bangle and the golden lace cuff, because you likely won’t need anything else on your arm. Pair them with absolute red polish for maximum effect, then wear anything from a little black dress to a jeans and white tee, you’ll look great. And in control!


Jelly or gems?

Arm cuff jewelry gems

Rose gold plated + gems, $24.99

You’re right again. From this bracelet you can tell I was born in the 80s. I’m overly attracted by colored gems, glitter, neon signs and everything that sparkles, twinkles amor randomly shine. There’s nothing I can do, I’m a daughter of my age. I feel at home when I see colors through crystals, and sometimes I need to listen to that aha song (facepalm!).

The cuff in the cover is my favorite, and it’s $44.99 at Amazon.