bell sleeve tops featured

Among all the fashion trends we’ve seen this year, bell sleeve tops are definitely our favorite. The reason is simple, they’re the key pieces to turn any outfit in a statement, adding new volumes, movement and a luxurious touch to every bottom, from an old skinny jeans to an elegant pencil skirt.

And because we’re talking about trends, should we mention the incessant source of inspiration that Instagram has become? Fashion bloggers are producing a daily quantity of ideas and beautiful outfits that even Vogue can’t cope with, and here at FemaleJungle we  decided to use our profile in a rad way.

In fact, we rarely use it for self promotion. What we do instead is giving space to the best looks we find around, looking for what the most stylish bloggers are wearing, wether or not they have a freaky ton of followers.

So, here’s the bell sleeve tops we loved more and that we instagrammed on our profile to bring you some cool ideas on the next statement outfits you’ll want to wear!

The Bell Sleeve Elegant Blouse

bell sleeve tops - white and gold shirt
Pic via @lateafternoon

A light and silky blouse with bell sleeves is perfect to add a sophisticated twist to any pants and make them elegant. Wear it with pumps and you’ll get a glam outfit, switch to ballerinas and you’ll get some irresistible retro vibes!

The Off The Shoulder Style

belle sleeve tops - off the shoulder

pic via @miamiamine

The off the shoulder trend is very popular on warmer months, but it’s also a great piece to wear at parties all year round. What about black chiffon sleeves for the upcoming Christmas holidays for example?

The Knitted Hug

bell sleeve tops - knitted sweater

pic via @happilygrey

Let’s face it, winter is cold, and it’s very difficult to stay stylish when you’re freezing. The best choice you can do to stay cozy and classy is definitely knitted sweaters. But, to level up the style game? Get a maxi sweater with maxi sleeves and put it over your cosiest pants, you’ll be surprised at how cool you’ll look!

The Cozy But Elegant Style

bell sleeve tops - layered club monaco

pic via @rachparcell

When it comes to feminine but comfy outfits, the go-to blogger is Rachel Parcell. She knows how to mix and match textures, fabrics and colors always staying classy. That’s why we loved this simple look: pleated high waisted skirt and a ruffled bell-sleeved knitted sweater. De-li-cious!

Bell Sleeve Tops Upgraded: Lace Love

bell sleeve tops - lacepic via @fashionaholik

Another great trend we’ve loved this year has been lace. From crop tops to dresses, skirts and finally bell sleeve tops, lace is the most elegant and stylish fabric together with silk. And you can wear it all year round to add preciousness to any outfit.

Big Sleeves On a White Shirt

bell sleeve tops

pic via @chermycloset

A white shirt is always a symbol of power and professionalism. And it’s also the unmissable staple of every closet wether it’s a man’s or a woman’s closet. Wanna get stylish at the office? Or anywhere else without making everyone think you’re a fashion victim ( shhhh…!)? Then, just get one of these!

Cover Collage via Instagram