I know. Every time you read advice on how to look taller, they tell you to add some inches to your heels and to deduct the same inches from the hemline of your skirt.

Maybe you’re sick of sick style advice. Stick to this post and improve your image.

If you’re browsing around to find the best styles for petite women, and your goal is to enhance your figure without wearing too short dresses or too high heels, you should definitely give a chance to the business casual for women dress code.

In fact, due to things like “required hem length” and “conservative style”, business casual for women could be the perfect deal to appear taller without heels, miniskirts or wedges.

Here’s what you can expect from this mini style guide:

  1. You’ll learn how to look a taller woman finding the perfect fits for your dresses, even if you’re petite, so your body will look incredibly elongated.
  2. You’ll learn how to recognize prints and colors that work for you, at first glance.
  3. You’ll see how to look taller with shoes, like the classic pumps, BUT also without heels..
  4. You’ll stop feeling frustrated about your height, and suddenly you’ll realize how unique you are.
  5. Your new cute work outfits, will make you feel at ease in your office attire and not only!

Let’s dig deeper into these powerful styling clues, ok?

 How To Look Taller – The Key Step

Certainly, the key step to understand how to look taller, and to style your figure, is to visualize your body as a whole and study its proportions.

how to look taller woman

Get a full length mirror and look at your body proportions. Beware, do not judge!
Just observe well, and try to be objective. 🙂

Now answer these questions:

  • Are you thin or full-figured?
  • Are your hips prominent or flat?
  • Are your legs longer than your bust?
  • Is your head big, small or just proportioned?

Ok, now keep in mind these details and start selecting the outfit that works for you, even if you’re going to wear business casual.

#1  Elongate Your Body With These Fits

Hey, looking taller is equal to achieving an optic effect of verticality, so straight fits and flat clothes are perfect to get the result!


Because they simply take out volume from around your body, and let your eyes follow a vertical path.

This is the first rule to look taller with or without heels. So remember:

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Imagine your body is a straight line. Better, draw 3 straight lines on a white page. Now draw:

    1. A large box on the half-top of the first line
    2. A big circle on the half-top of the second line
    3. A thin box adherent to the half-top of the third line.

How to appear taller even without heels

See the difference?

Now, if you want to look taller in your business casual attire, pick between:

  • Fitted Blazers
  • Fitted shirts and tops
  • Pencil dresses
  • Pencil skirts
  • Slim fit pants
  • Palazzo pants
  • Cigarette pants

And as a general rule, opt for high-waist pants or skirts, because they make your legs look longer!

Here’s my choice of straight and flat fits to elongate your body:
clothes to look taller business casual for women

1. White Slim Blazer / 2. 3/4 Sleeves Pencil Dress  / 3. Pink Pencil Skirt / 4. Palazzo Pants / 5. Nude Pumps

#2  Beware Of Prints And Colors

Equally important than choosing the right fits to appear taller and slimmer even without heels: be careful while choosing prints.

However, I’m not talking about the kind of print, but about the print size.

In fact, it becomes easy to understand how to look taller if you just consider wearing:

  • Medium Prints;
  • Small prints;
  • Solid colors.

Because it’s guaranteed they put the focus on the verticality of your body instead of emphasizing the volumes around it.

Hey, are you in the mood of drawing as I am today?

Then let’s draw another work of art and see how to style the perfect business attire for petite women!

Imagine your body as a straight line and draw 3 straight lines on a white page.
Now draw:

  1. A set of large spots on the half-top of the first line,
  2. A set of medium spots on the half-top of the second line,
  3. A set of dots on the half-top of the third line.

how to look taller business casual for women - picking the right prints
This dresses are a good example of what you have to look for while shopping:
business casual for women petite dresses

1. Tweed-print dress / 2. Pink For Petites Dress / 3. Peplum Dress / 4. Black And White Dress / 5. Floral Print

The more and more you read this post you forget about your feeling of “lack”, because as you see, it’s just a question of “ architecture”. 

Put the right things in the right places and you’re done.

#3  Style Your Head To Look Taller

Guess what?

Styling is not only made of clothes. Your goal here is to look taller, that’s a head-to-toe transformation!

Make your head look smaller. And longer.

Your head has great relevance, not only because it makes you laugh, close contracts and write letters, but also because of its role in the body’s architecture.

In fact, you can use it to knock at doors when you’re carrying booklets. And you can visibly improve your height by styling it.

Here’s how:

  • Literally add inches on the top of your head with a simple bun or a pony tail;
  • Style your hair upwards and keep little volume around your head, so it won’t take too much space;
  • Opt for short haircuts, since they draw up the eye of the people looking at you;
  • Avoid extra-long hair.

hair styles to look taller - how to look taller even without heels


#4 Re-proportion Your Arms and Legs With These Office Clothes

And here’s a serious provocation: if you want to look taller, fake that your clothes are too short for you!

Here’s how:

  1. Use three-quarter sleeves, so your arms look longer, plus you also add a twist of glamour to your look.
  2. Shorten the hem of your pants right on your ankle or just above it.
  3. If you like them, use croptops over your shirts, they’re a good way of making the half-top of your body looking shorter, and your legs look longer. Alternatively, high rise pants or skirts elongate your bottom area.

Pick some inspo from this famous petite:

Business Caual Outfit For Petite - how to look taller
Casual Outfit Inspo From Reese Witherspoon

#5  Here’s The Right Shoes To Look Taller In Business Casual For Women

Now, I bet that as you’re thinking about how to look taller, you become really interested in the shoe question.

Heels? Flats? Boots? Pumps shoes, wedges or sneakers?
Well.. here’s a FACT:

[Tweet “Heels can reshape your legs and butt and instantly increase your height.”]

BUT, if you’re petite, wearing really high heels is not the definitive solution.

In fact, here’s some dos and don’ts if you want to know how to look taller also without high heels:

  1. Beware of too high heels, like high platforms. Look, you may feel taller in those shoes, but the fact is that the most evident thing when you wear them is not your height, but the shoes! I already made my point talking about platforms in my post about 3 essential business casual items.
  2. Choose Slick Shoes.With shoes also, is good to follow the no-volume rule, since an evidently huge shoe makes you look insanely hooked at the floor, while you should look long and agile.. ready to fly.
  3. Use nude pumps. Nude is so delicate, AND it’s the only color that ACTUALLY makes your legs look longer. It’s because wearing nude pumps and shoes in general, from a visual perspective, is like not wearing shoes at all. The people in front of you only perceive long legs with a thin end touching the floor. Plus, the great benefit of wearing nude shoes is that they elongate the leg even with a smaller heel.

How To Look Taller – Your Takeaway

Now that you have learned five precious styling secrets that’ll make you look a taller woman, even at the office, let’s recap the basic principle of this style guide:

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And you can look taller even without heels and miniskirt.

Look, these tips are also good if you’re not a petite, but want to feel a bit taller.

Just remember that styling your body is all a question of “architecture”. Improving your self image and growing your self confidence is nothing more than a question of doing little shifts to get big changes.

An I believe Tyra can’t agree more, right?


Learn how to style yourself confident


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