I’m not used to write reviews yet, but the Chanel lipstick review you’re going to read here is totally true to what I think and isn’t endorsed or sponsored by any means. In fact, I got the Chanel Rouge Allure Lipgloss as a present from my brother, who knows my passion for makeup since we were kids, and has seen a bunch of looks I created for myself through all these years!

A personal footnote… my mom has never had a great passion for makeup and high heels, so I really don’t know where it comes from, maybe my super glam granny…?

My Chanel Lipstick Review: 9 Things About The Rouge Allure Lip Gloss


The Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in the color n. 19 “Pirate” is really intense as a lipstick and shiny as a lipgloss, in fact the texture of the cream on the little brush is a bit thicker than the classic gloss, assuring great coverage to your lips and great comfort.

To state it clearly, this isn’t the kind of gloss that starts dripping from your lips after you wear it, because it’s not liquid!

chanel lipstick review - rouge allure


The color is full and bold with a delicate glittering which you won’t feel on your lips anyway ( do you know that unpleasant grain sensation of glittered glosses?), and it’s very hydrating, leaving your lips very soft once it goes away.


The Pirate color is a warm red shade with a pink accent which I find perfect for spring, when the makeup is brighter and shiny. It’s also great to get the “sun-kissed” look you want in the warmer seasons, without having the downside of getting liquid and dripping.

chanel lipstick review allure 19 pirate gloss



The cream is softly perfumed with a nice flowery and sweet fragrance, and it has no flavor though, so when you put it on your lips, you’ll have that pampering sensation of wearing luxury makeup, but you won’t lick it all away because of a sugary flavor…!


Last but not least, while wearing it, I had a feeling that my lips were plumped, and they really looked fuller , even if I didn’t feel any strange sensation like the typical itching of plumping lipsticks.

What’s more, there isn’t any mention of plumping effects on the Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss package, so take this info as my very personal perspective.

Anyway, the gloss is described as very rich at Chanel’s: “The advanced formula, rich in Vitamin E, Sappan Wood and Green Tea Butter, instantly hydrates and comforts lips”.


The packaging is so cool. The Chanel Lipgloss is in the range of luxury makeup, so the package really looks luxurious, even if extremely sleek and simple, in the classic black & gold combination.


What I love more about the package is the way it opens, since it’s sort of a spring pen and you simply have to click on the top of the box to make the brush come out.

chanel lipstick review allure 19 pirate


That’s great, because usually, when you use the same lipgloss for a bunch of times, the external neck of the tube tends to get covered with gloss, and once you close it, the lipgloss on the neck comes out spreading around. That’s not the case of the Chanel Rouge Allure Lipgloss, which stays clean and cool all the time.


The last note is a little downside which I already expected before trying the Rouge Allure Gloss, and it’s about the time it really lasts. That’s not something you really need to look into so much to understand that being a lipgloss, you can’t expect it lasts more than a couple of hours on your lips, because it’s not made for this purpose after all!chanel lipstick review

Chanel Rouge Allure Colour & Shine Lip Gloss, $37, available at Nordstrom