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colorful accent wall ideas to upgrade your first apartment


Collecting accent wall ideas when you’re starting to figure out how to style your first apartment is a great move, because planning is the first thing you should do in every styling and design project. Depending on the function of the room you want to decorate and other elements like the quantity of natural light the room gets, or even the colors of the furniture you already have, you’ll be able to decide the kind of  accent you’re going to add.

It’s a couple of months that I’m trying to figure out how to decorate my master bedroom wall and my kitchen area, and I came to the conclusion that adding art or a pop of color to one of the walls is the easy way out. That’s how I decided that I need a plan and lots of ideas. So, now that I’ve collected all my favorite styles, it’s time to share them in the jungle!

I’m sure these colorful AND super stylish interiors projects will leave you inspired, to say the least.

1. Accent Wall Ideas: How to Balance a Stark and Stunning Color Scheme

accent wall ideas super bold blue and pink via sarastorydesignvia @sarastorydesign

Let’s start from the sharpest color contrast ever, fuchsia and blue. This living room design captured my attention not just because of the color choice, but for the fact that after all it looks energizing and relaxing at the same time, is it?

It’s beacuse the color contrast is amazingly balanced with the neutral cool tones of all the furniture, so the pillows are like strokes of color that create a connection between the bold walls and the neutral furniture.

Another element to take into consideration here is Art. The big pink and blue art piece has the exact dimensions of the window in the opposite corner, and the two angled elements get balances by the round mirror in the center.. love this style!

2. Accent Wall Ideas: The Jungle Mood

Accent wall ideas greenery wallpaper via voguelivingvia @vogueliving

An accent wall in a totally white, anonimous kitchen? Yes, it’s a great idea.

It gives a touch of lush to an otherwise average Ikea basic, adding a fancy twist to an ordinary and most of the time small space. This styling is the perfect project if you want to add a pop of color on a budget. And even if this exact wallpaper is from Versace and very difficult to find, you just need a tropical themed wallpaper, like this one,  and some clever furnishing to complement it. Like those bamboo stools? Genius! And because of the high contrast between the white sleek kitchen and the busy bright foliage, everything looks so balanced and up to date.

3. Accent Wall Ideas: Have a Real Artist Decorate Your Home

accent wall ideas - flamingo painted wall via saragilbaneinteriorsvia @saragilbaneinteriors

Because, let’s be serious, who doesn’t NEED pink flamingos in the dining room? This project looks so stunning not just because of the extraordinary hand made wallpaper, but also for the color choice. While the wall is painted in pastels, the white trees recall the chairs and the wood furniture is a great match with the natural theme. The part I love most here is the striped tent painted on the ceiling!

4. Accent Wall Ideas: The Grid Gallery

Accent wall ideas gallery grid via elledecorvia @elledecor

If you’re not ready for wallpaper or colored paint on your wall, a gallery is a great alternative. And if you have a big empty wall, displaying frames of the same size and color makes a great effect. In this particular styling, the room keeps a classical taste with framed black and white maps, but what about picking a colorful artisctic wallpaper and frame it in manypieces? If you hang the frames very close, you’ll get an amazing glass wall effect!

5. Accent Wall Ideas: Artistic Wallpaper

Colorful accent wall ideas - nature wallpaper via baileyquinvia @baileyquin

Among the infinite choice of wallpaper for your statement wall, natural themed prints with an artistic touch are very impressive. In this case, the wall paper reiterates all the colors displayed in the room, from the ivory and honey hues of the chairs to the green on the window and the tablescape. And the theme is totally on spot here, since the wallpaper gives continuity to the view from the window.

6. Accent Wall Ideas: Embed Your TV in a Gallery

Accent wall ideas - incorporate tv in gallery via toddaromanovia @toddaromano

How to have a stylish dining room in a small apartment on a tight budget?

Exactly like this. The super bright yellow in this styling is bold and energetic, but it visually enlarges the small corner in this room. The combination with black furniture and another bold color like turquoise on the pillows makes everything pop. And the use of white in the tabletop and on the wall is very savvy, because it creates negative space and makes the corner look bigger. Last but not least, how bright is the idea of embedding the TV in the gallery?

7. Accent Wall Ideas: The Boho Dream

Accent wall ideas wallpaper - floral prints via apartmenttherapyvia @apartmenttherapy

A wall like this certainly finds its best plavement in the bedroom of a dreamer, a boho one! This floral wallpaper makes a busy wall with succulents, that’s why a white curtain and bedding make everything look so put together. And let’s not forget the warm wood of the forniture and on the floor, which are probably the best combination for a bohi mood like this.

8. Accent Wall Ideas: The Fashionista Touch

accent wall ideas purple and art via nturnerdesignvia @nturnerdesign

Take an elgant and boring apartment with a classic paneled library and turn it into a fashion statement, how to? What you need is a focal point, in this case a big painting, framed by the paneled wall. Why did they opt for this color? Because it’s in the chairs upholstery, and levander is like the serious brother of pink, since it has a little grey in it. So, you can be a fashionista without cheerleading too much!

9. Accent Wall Ideas: The Fashionista Touch – Reloaded

Accent Wall Ideas - Big Art piece via housebeautiful and sarastorydesignvia @sarastorydesign

No, I had no better title for this. This is probably my favorite accent wall in this long post, because it looks so stunning, but it’s also so easy to change the mood of a room with a solution like this. The accent wall here is actually a focal point, the big art piece. In this case, that’s a fashion themed painting with a lot of black in it, to create connection with the black sofa. The intelligent use of colors in a black and white room like this one is easily achievable adding some room decor in the same hues that are in the painting, like the purple pillow and the prple, pink and yellow flowers. And if at a certain point you want to refresh the room, you’ll just need to change the painting, the pillow and …the flowers. Wise girl!

10. Accent Wall Ideas:  The Kick-Ass Nook

Accent wall ideas red and blue via katieridderincvia @katieridderinc

Playing with such bold colors always come with a bit of risk, especially if you think that everyone suggest to use relaxing colors in rooms that are destined to relaxation. But in this case? Well if you have a little room with a big window, maybe you want to add dimension, and using such a bold color on just one wall is a good solution. And about the fact that you should avoid red if you want to relax, well, let’s just say you won’t actually look at the wall when you’re sitting on the sofa. As For the color choice, it looks like magenta is coming out of the blue in this styling. And it’s actually coming out of it, if you think that the three colors in this room are yellow, blue and red, which fit in a perfectly triadic color scheme.

11. Accent Wall Ideas: The Minimalist

accent wall ideas - black and white wallpaper via bannerdaysfvia @bannerdaysf

As that’s my personality, I’ve given so much space to maximalism in this list. So, I got to number 11 without even realizing that this project is so different from all the others! It looks less risky for the absence of bold colors, but this delicate wallpaper is a great idea to add a touch of romance in a simple apartment, and white black are balanced so good with the wood furniture through shiny golden details!


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