Styling a country outfit? It’s easy for me, I’m a country girl, I must say.

And fall is the perfect season to go out with cowgirl boots and country clothing. Here’s the proof.

Today we grab some inspiration from the warm colors of fall.

You’ll find it in the olive green bag and in the brown booties.

Not to mention the loveliest partner in crime, Kika, who adds a bubbly twist to every outfit, with her unique red head and a genuine smile.

If you’re following FemaleJungle on Instagram or Pinterest, you already know we live in South Italy, near the countryside.

This time, we took the photos near home, on the mesmerizing land around an old empty farmhouse, which is also a fantastic panoramic viewpoint.

Country outfit

Country outfit - polo shirt

Country outfit - ralph lauren

Country outfit - bangle

Country outfit - green bag


How To Style A Smart Country Outfit

Let’s talk about the styling:

As you’ve read before, we used the deep colors of fall for the bag and the booties, while we just played with fabrics to get a country twist.

In this way, you don’t need to buy some country apparel from a country outfit store, and you can just mix and match the clothes in you closet.

Let me explain:

If you were to use a fringed jacket and a Fedora hat, this would obviously be a cute country outfit, but would it be smart?

In general, you should always buy clothes that you can just “add a twist to” playing with shoes and accessories.

So, while you can’t wear a fringed jacket a hundred times without getting bored of its old same “western” mood, you can certainly dress up or down a striped shirt and a pair of jeans.

You just need a pair of shoes or some accessories to get in the mood you want.

In this case, we didn’t use country dresses. I styled Kika with a classic shirt, that you can dress up or down, actually.

It’s made of a heavier cotton fabric that keeps you warm when the temperature falls, and it’s amazingly sewn, as if it was made by measure.

Of course, it’s a button-down, which I find being the perfect choice for a country outfit, for two reasons:

  1. It keeps the collar sleek and polished even if you keep it a bit open, so you’ll stay stylish all the time, just in case the autumnal breeze turns out to be a storm..
  2. A button-down shirt is always a bit manly, which is a basic requirement for a country outfit.

Once again, we couldn’t do without denim, the most iconic piece of clothing fashion has ever known. We opted for skinny jeans and left the hem inside the pointed booties.

Country outfit board

Lipstick: Clinique | Bangle: similar to this | Jeans: Meltin’Pot | Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren | Booties: Frye | Bag: The Bridge ( Fossil in the board)


In a Nutshell…

As a personal stylist, I can’t stress enough the importance of details to get the mood and the twist you want to achieve for any outfit, and to make your style unique.

Look. You don’t need a heap of clothes to be stylish.

You just need to combine your clothes in a stylish way, and learn to communicate through your outfits.

To make it short, you have two different moods and messages if you just keep the sleeves of your shirt down or rolled up. Or if you use a red lipstick vs a neutral one.


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Now tell me about you. How do you build a outfit the smart way? Write your thoughts in the comments, and let me know what you think.

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