Crop top outfits are definitely on my style wishlist when the warm season comes and the sun starts showing its bright face a bit more.

But, guess what?

Every time I search for some cool ideas to wear crop tops and find styling tips, tumbleweeds instantly fill up my computer screen, with many arguable styles, but literally no advice on why and how to wear crop tops.

So, I thought it was time to redeem these fluffy searches and give you some food for closet!

Crop Top Outfits With Skirts…

Wearing a crop top and a skirt is, obviously, a stylish choice. But, let’s do some clarity on those who say you can only wear a crop top if you have a flat stomach, because that’s not true.

Here’s some basic rules to style crop tops and skirts whatever your body shape:

  • If you don’t have a flat stomach opt for a high waisted skirt, better if it’s a pencil skirt, and a flowy crop top. Once you style the two pieces like this, your skin won’t really be visible all the time, and your style will definitely look great.
  • The high waisted skirt and crop top, in general, is a good combination if you want to add a touch of glamour to casual outfits you would also wear at work, since they don’t really show your skin, they’re allowed!
  • If you love the romantic mood, style your crop top together with a round pastel midi skirt and flats or sandals and you’re done. That’s also a great style if you want to cover heavier hips!
  • On the other hand, if your style is bold and dramatic and you love to show your skin, you can dare a tight crop top and a skater skirt, and mix them up with cool accessories.

…And Maxi Skirts!

When it comes to maxi skirts, crop top outfits might seem a bit risky at first glance, but if you look well, they’re wearable in many occasions.

Here’s how:

  • Straight maxi skirts and flowy ones that don’t have much volume around are great for petites and also if you want to look taller. In fact, they add verticality to the outfit, and they can cover really high heels with discretion.
  • When you opt for high waist and a crop top, you’ll totally change your figure. Because your bust will look slightly shorter and your legs very much longer!
  • As seen before, you can use round maxi skirts to cover heavier hips and give more attention to other details, like your cleavage or your face.
  • Also in this case, your crop top doesn’t necessarily have to show skin or be so tight. If you’re wearing a long flowy maxi skirt, you can always stay in the mood and pick a simple loose crop top. And when it comes to prints, remember the print-size rules!

How To Master Crop Top + Jeans Outfits

If you’re the kind of girl who loves to look stylish wearing a simple pair of jeans, you can’t skip crop tops!

Jeans, as always, make everything so easy. And they’re absolutely a no-brainer combination. You can pair any kind of crop top with literally every jeans available out there, it really just depends on your personal style:

  • Opt for colored jeans, destroyed or boyfriend, pair them with simple sneakers, sandals, platforms, pumps and chose the crop top that best defines your personality, there’s really no rule.
  • If you’re style personality is bold, destroyed or skinny jeans with tough accessories like leather jackets, tight crop tops and statement jewelry are good for you.
  • If you love the bon-ton style, what’s better than pairing a flowy crop top with pastel jeans and flats?
  • And, if you’re the metro girl, just get a great outfit pairing the classic high waist blue jeans and a sleek simple crop top shirt. Then add details, like glam sunnies, a big leather bag or a ton of bracelets, and make heads turn. It’s up to you!

How To Make Crop Top & Shorts Look Fab

While I’m not a big fun of denim shorts, because I find they’re going way too short and trivial for my bourgeois Italian taste ( not my definition, but it suits me), I find, there are more interesting shorts around to combine great crop top outfits!

What about high rise and a swing cut for example?

Here’s some ideas:

  • If you love feeling chic, but you don’t want to give up comfort, a simple high waisted pair of shorts with a floral print or even a bright color and a simple tee are purrrrfect.
  • Always keep in mind you can play with accessories and try different combinations to achieve many moods. As an example, just pair your crop top and shorts with delicate ballerinas and some sparkly jewelry to achieve a romantic mood. Or wear colored platforms and big glasses or colored bangles to get a glam twist!
  • If you love shorts but your style is polished and sleek, what about the two-pieces set option? This season I’ve seen great combinations for ridiculous prices to get online, and you can chose among colored prints, polka dots, or just monochromes with some special features, they always look great!

The Power Of White Crop Top Outfits

Talking about crop top outfits, I surely couldn’t skip a section dedicated to white.

Apart from being one of the best and most inspiring colors you can wear all year round, white is also very tastefully when it comes to crop tops and total outfits.

Here’s why:

  • When you buy a white crop top you can be sure you’ll wear it with likely 99% of your wardrobe. So it’s also a good choice if you still don’t have crop tops in your wardrobe, but would like to join the party.
  • A white crop top with a great fabric, like lace or silk, immediately upgrades your total look adding a sophisticated touch and empowering like any bottom you wear.
  • Wear a white crop top with a floral round skirt and pumps to achieve an elegant and dreamy mood, while if you just opt for more cutting edge fabrics and accessories you’ll quickly switch to a great modern and retro taste look.

But, what about pairing white crop tops with white bottoms? That’s a great option, and it’s a bit risky.

Here’s how to master it:

  • White bottoms are always “risky” if you don’t want your undies to be easily spotted from under your clothes. And when the warm season comes you just don’t want to use thicker fabrics that make you sweat everywhere. What’s more, if you, like me, hate seeing the black tanga of the woman walking in front of you, avoid this trend! Just buy some laser-cut underwear in a nude palette, they are totally invisible and you can find‘em everywhere at this time in history..!
  • White on white is a great option, but is it the same shade of white? Because, if you opt for total white but you wear 3 different whites, then things change, and you better skip to another option. The color shade depends on many reasons, one is the fabric. If you want a total white outfit, then you should choose a two-pieces set combination for top and bottom, and then feel free with accessories and all the rest.
  • One of the best matches when you wear a total white crop top outfit, is gold. A simple golden necklace with delicate golden sandals and a white or golden clutch is really cool and fashionable. But, don’t forget many other colors, better if pastels that make great matches with white, like blushed pink, camel, buttercup, turquoise, aquamarine… you say!

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