This year I’m late. The temperature here is already over 100 degrees, but I still haven’t had the courage to turn off the ac and get out of home to go find some cute one piece swimsuits.

But hey, there must be a good reason if the internet and online shops are happening in the age of global warming, right?

So, let’s stay fresh and technologic, avoid swimming in your own sweat and start looking for the cute one piece swimsuits that will dress up your summer vacations!

Why going one piece?

For me, this is the second year I’m opting for one-piece bathing suits over bikini, just because I find them more classy and stylish.

In fact, it’s not said you should only wear them to cover up some flaws, because you know what? Who cares!

Style is not something you get at the gym, nor after a lipo, nor at a department store. It comes packed with you, but you will only see it once you start unpacking yourself, you know what I mean.

Who cares?

When it comes to showing up your body, you only need enough confidence to stay relaxed and enjoy the vacation.

So please, don’t worry about hiding this or covering that, just pick a pretty swimsuit because you like it and face your insecurities with a big smile on your face. That’s the best item to focus on, always!

That said, there’s literally an ocean of cute one piece swimsuits you could opt for, and a lot of them will shape your body to make it more flattering and boost your confidence.

Here’s some suggestions to style your beach look without giving a damn about having a beach body.

Swim in pastels

Pastels are very popular among us, dreamy girls. They always convey a sense of delicate femininity, not to mention how magically they match with the natural turquoise and sand hues of the beach.

As for the styles, if you use earplugs for swimming, you can simply skip any romantic floral swim cap! Just joking.. the cute one piece swimsuits I picked here look especially flattering on some body shapes. For example, fringes are a great idea to add a bit of volume to a flat breast, while cutouts are great to design curves if you have a straight body.

Then, right form Baywatch, the high cut leg is the perfect secret to make you legs look longer.


Get très chic in florals

Floral prints are a great idea to add some sort of french twist to your beach looks. They make everything look more romantic, and retro, especially if the swimsuit is printed in soft, muted colors.

Let’s talk about the styling details. A sewn in tie belt or some pretty ruffles on the waist, add definition and focus on a flat body, while the prints themselves are flattering if you have some roundness you don’t want to show.

Make a statement in black and white

Personally, I don’t really like black or dark hues for my beach looks, but they’re surely a statement that doesn’t pass unnoticed. Especially, when black is paired with white in color blocks and strong contrasts.

As for the styling, a pretty black and white swimsuit quickly makes you look sophisticated, like, have a look at the color block scalloped bathing suit over here, for example. Some other detail that makes black swimwear totally cool are strings and shiny stones, you’ll find a couple from Lulus at the end of the post.

Light up the party in neon

Last but not least, what a summer would it be without some fun?

And, talking about swimwear, fun is perfectly pictured via neon bathing suits! These cute one piece swimsuits are like pretty highlighters telling everyone you’re the party-giver and that your only rule is to enjoy wherever you are.

I’m definitely for neon!

Here’s more cute one piece swimsuits to shop right now!

Finally,  did you choose which swimsuit does for you?

I picked you some pretty ideas from shops like Lulus, Romwe and ModCloth so you don’t have to browse too much to find your perfect one-piece. Let me know which is your favorite!

  • $147.00
  • $14.99
  • $19.99
  • $115.00
  • $11.99
  • SheIn
  • $20.99
  • $13.99
  • $11.99
  • ModCloth
  • $83.99
  • ModCloth
  • $79.99
  • ModCloth
  • $131.99
  • ModCloth
  • $32.99
  • $166.00
  • $11.99


All pictures via Pinterest