We need more elegance in our life. And that’s exactly why I think we should stop relegating suits and blazers to the corporate world and start giving them a bit of closet love.

If eminent career sites give advice on wearing “safe” clothes – aka suits – to interviews, and the science of power dressing is officially proved, then why we’re still so reluctant to wear suits just like everyday?

Not only you would feel more authoritative and ready to glare at anyone brave enough to contradict you. You would also be fashionable. So why, oh why?

Here’s a bunch of old excuses that I want to answer:

  1. “Women in suits look boring.”  Whaaat? They look powerful!
  2. “Suits are uncomfortable”. They’re definitely more comfy than low waist jeans.
  3. “For a woman, wearing a suit is intimidating.”  I bet my ass it’s less intimidating than a cleavage showing up three quarters of your boobs.
  4. “I’m too shy to wear it.” Ok, read again point 3.
  5. “It makes me older.” Are you sure? Look at this girl and tell me if you’re still sure:

Designer suits for women make you look cool

Image via lookbook.nu

Designer suits only have one flaw.

They make everyone look elegant. And when I say everyone, I have to include chicks like Miley Cyrus.

The real issue with suits and the world we live today, is a bit of a paradox.

Let me explain:

More than ever, this decade is obsessed with fashion and appearance, and more than ever the clothing industry is producing clothes. We’re living in the fastest world possible, we have no frontiers in communication. But, guess what?

Elegance is sacrificed for the sake of the so called “comfort”. Or sloppiness, if you decide to call things with their name.

Because comfort is becoming more and more a justification of sloppiness.

Honestly, I don’t give a damn when sloppy people talk, because if they’re not able to put together a clean shirt and a decent pant, I’m naturally inclined to think they can’t even put together a brilliant thought. It’s not my fault, maybe it’s my limit. But I see it as  a question of self-respect.

Anyway, if you’re still reading this post, we probably share the same point of view. Or you might be on the point of realizing how freaking cool you’ll look in one of the following designer suits for women.

Pick your favorite suit, and imagine yourself in the one you like more. How much precious would you look in front of the mirror, and how much confidence would you gain?

1.  J.Crew Double Breasted Suit

Designer suits for women -JCREWDesigner Suits For Women – J.CrewSuit

A super simple suit with a fitted look and a soft color to wear all year round. The double breasted blazer is a classic, while the high quality wool makes it possible to use this suit for four seasons.

How would you style it?

Here’s my suggestion: dress it down with a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt, or upgrade the elegance with a silk shirt and stilettos.


2.  Akris Punto In Techno-Wool

Designer suits for women - AKRIS

Designer Suits For Women – Akris Punto

Akris Punto is the suit to buy if you want to upgrade your wardrobe but you’re a sportswoman. In fact, it’s a Swiss designer sportswear brand with an exclusive twist on tailored clothes. This single button front blazer is made of techno-wool fabric. No more excuses to go out in yoga pants!

3. DVF – Diane Von Furstenberg

Designer suits for women DVF

DVF Cosmic Cobalt Smoking

If you thought women is suits are boring, then you’ve not considered wearing a DVF pantsuit in royal blue. When it comes to suits and power dressing, Diane is a master.

And she’s a woman, a #ladyboss who knows her job.

I’ve seen this suit on Rachel Zoe, another female boss and one of the most praised Hollywood stylists, so if you’re the colorful woman who shies away from dark boring clothes, this is for you.


4.  Paul Smith Women’s Suit In Taupe

Designer suits for women - Paul Smith

Designer Suits For Women – Paul Smith

If designer suits are usually elegant, Paul Smiths’a are elegantly fancy. His suits have been defined as “classics with a twist”. What’s the twist?

He says he takes ingredients from upper class tailoring and bring them together with something silly.

If you add the fact that something “silly” for a British may just mean “exquisite” for the rest of us, then you understand why Paul Smith is such a stylish, peculiar designer.

5.  Altuzarra Suit In Poppy Red

Designer suits for women - ALTUZARRA

Designer Suits For Women – Altuzarra

A “Poppy Red” suit? Why not.

The idea here, is to put suits in your daily wardrobe, and since you don’t want to look like an old and tired accountant, nor like a hotel receptionist on her rest break, you can definitely wear this colorful suit.


6.  Ralph Lauren White Tuxedo

Designer suits for women RALPH LAUREN

Designer Suits For Women – Ralph Lauren

A white tuxedo is not something you wear on a daily basis, but it’s a good choice if you love pants and you have a special event to go. For example, Taylor Swift wore something similar at the 2015 MTV VMA.

The good deal with this kind of outfit is you can wear it for a night gala or for a morning ceremony, it’s stylish on both occasions.  Imagine how cool it would be with a pastel silk shirt and a stones jewelry choke.


7.  Tom Ford Pinstriped Suit

Designer suits for women TOM FORD

Designer Suits For Women – Tom Ford

If it’s true that pinstripes are more memorable if you have to wear it daily, it’s also true they give a touch of glam to every bottom. You could put this blazer under an old pair of jeans and sneakers and the outfit would immediately look classy.

Tom Ford is a master of modern luxury and the silhouette of this suit is sleek enough to keep you one step behind looking too sexy in pinstripes.


8.  Armani Double Breasted Suit

Designer suits for women ARMANI

Designer Suits For Women – Armani

Armani is unarguably the blazer master, and he can’t be missed in a post about designer suits for women. His creations are famous for the clean lines and the Italian taste, and this double breasted suit is an example.

This is the perfect outfit to wear if you want to get the suit effect that only uniform-like clothes give. Try to enter a room wearing this suit, and then tell me how you feel.


9.  Brunello Cucinelli Culotte Suit

Designer womens suits CUCINELLI

Designer Suits For Women – Cucinelli

Here in Italy we call him the “Philosopher Designer” for his ability to create a unique work environment and for his edgy thought.

When you buy Cucinelli you get involved with the real Italian craftsmanship, unique fabric quality and a peculiar lifestyle. This suit is actual proof of how elegance and simplicity can also be comfy.

10.  Theory Neutral Suit

Designer suits for women - THEORY

Designer Suits For Women – Theory

Theory is one of the most favorite brands for women’s suits. It’s well known among the corporate world for the good fitting and the high quality tailoring. This suit is a classic, and a wardrobe essential, a good first step in the suits world.


11.  Boss Notched Lapels Suit

Designer suits for women - BOSS

Designer Suits For Women – Boss

Boss is a good choice if you search for a sleek wearability and a polished style. I chose to include this suit in my favorite designer suits for women because of the notched lapels and the minimalistic front cuff link closure detail.

This is somewhat a manly style, but it’s also easy to make more feminine with rich accessories or with a feminine top.

 12. Alexander McQueen Romantic Armor Suit

Designer suits for women ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

Designer Suits For Women – McQueen

Alexander McQueen constructions are unmistakable, and so are the shoulders of his clothes.

Even if it’s sleek, classic and black, this suit has a romantic allure mixed with an armor idea.

Imagine combining this suit with eccentric jewelry and wedged combat boots, it gets edgy. While you could make it #ohsopretty and romantic with a little Brit hat and a pair of pastel pink patent leather stilettos.

That’s he power of real design.

  13.  Burberry Aristocracy Suit

Designer suits for women BURBERRY

Designer Suits For Women – Burberry

Let’s keep talking of Brit, you  can’t do without Burberry, right?

If a classic one button blazer and a manly pair of well refined trousers are not enough to satisfy your suits craving, listen to me: the lovely peplum on the back of this blazer is pure aristocracy. It reminds me of sophisticated tartan blazers wore on fox hunting days. But it’s black, and I’m craving it.


14.  Balmain Street Style Tuxedo

Designer suits for women - BALMAIN

Designer Suits For Women – Balmain

If you still have some doubts on giving suits a bunch of closet love, than you have to give a chance to this totally cool suit form Balmain.

The shawl-collar tuxedo jacket in pastel pink is a total charm with the two golden buttons. And since Balmain has a glamorous soul, Olivier Rousteing couldn’t do but adding street-style details like squeezing skinny pants and golden zips here and there.

The edgy side of suits is here for you.

 What will you choose?

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