The best time of the year to try different make up styles and attend several parties is coming, are you ready?

We are! And since our mission is to literally unleash your beauty always making you feel gorgeous without looking overdone, this tutorial will surely do the trick. Bobbi Brown herself is going to show you how to get the elegant eye makeup that will add a twist of glam to your party outfits this Christmas, and all year round.

Push that play button, or make a serious face as if you’re reading an important email ( do we need an “office hacks” section?) and follow the instructions below for a step by step tutorial.

Elegant Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

#1 Apply a light eye shadow from the lash line to the brow

Cover the eyelids with a light, nude eyeshadow as a base to make your eyes look bigger… elegant eye makeup for party STEP 1

#2 Add a medium eye shadow to create depth without having to blend

Create depth with a medium eyeshadow, and as Bobby Brown suggests, you won’t need to blend because we’re working on layers to get a sophisticated yet elegant look. elegant eye makeup for party STEP 2

#3 Apply the first coat of eyeliner all over your lash line

Start layering the gel eyeliner along the entire upper lash line and stop at the outer corner of the eye. elegant eye makeup for party STEP 3

#4 With a flat brush apply the medium shadow underneath the outer corner of the eyes

For an elegant eye makeup make sure not to apply too much eyeshadow and fade the color at the center of the eyelid. elegant eye makeup for party STEP 4

#5 Line a new layer of gel eyeliner in a dark, chocolate or truffle shade

Add definition and intensity to your eyes with a second coat of dark gel eyeliner, so you lashes will look thicker. elegant eye makeup for party STEP 5

#6 Add some sparkle

Sparkle eyeshadow is the champagne of makeup, layer it over the entire eyelids! elegant eye makeup for party STEP 6

#7 Apply the last line of eyeliner and draw your cat eye

Layer a new line of long wear gel eyeliner over the upper rim and elongate the outer corner drawing a cat eye. elegant eye makeup for party STEP 7

#8 Mascara! Two to six coats for a super glam look

For a “natural” false lashes effect, layer until 6 coats of smokey eye mascara and you’re good to go! elegant eye makeup for party STEP 8

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