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If you’re on the pulse of the latest celebrity hair trends, you may have heard of the newest style currently in demand. It’s called hair strobing, and it is being hailed as the most flattering way to do hair color by celebs and regular people alike. What we like most about this new coloring technique is that you can use to literally reshape your face features.

Here is everything you need to know about how to enhance your face shape with hair strobing.

How does strobing work?

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First, let’s have a look at the process behind the magic. Basically, it consists of soft highlights, concentrated around the face to frame, define and brighten the shape of a person’s face. The resulting glow brings a youthful beauty to anyone who tries it, no matter their hair color or style.

Hair Strobing and Makeup

Much like contouring and highlighting with makeup, the hair strobing process involves shades both darker and lighter than a person’s base hair tone. For example, to bring out the bone structure in a round face, a colorist would first add deeper color, then go back in with the light shade in delicate wisps just around the face to visually alter the perception of roundness, emphasizing the cheek and jaw lines to maximum effect. The placement of light and dark is, just as with makeup, the catalyst to the transformation.

Where to strobe


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The effect is created by placing light shades where the bone structure would naturally push the hair farther forward, and offsetting the highlights with a slightly darker shade behind it. You may choose to use strobing to complement, or to slightly change the look of your face shape. Complementing a diamond-shaped face would involve placing the highlights just at the cheekbones and allowing them to fade to darker tones above and below, with brighter tones and wider pieces than the rest of the highlights around the back of the head.

Get the look

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Ask your personal stylist or colorist for strobing à la Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr, and be sure to bring pictures that show your face shape for inspiration. Remember, the bright pop of lighter color should be focused around your face for the prettiest overall effect!

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