As the cinnamon scented days of halloween and then festivities are approaching faster then Santa’s sleigh boosted with Red Bull, how could we keep breathing one more day without making a recap of what’s trending this fall right under our nose?

If the full, dark lips you’ve seen on fashion shows are bit too much for you, and you’re not even into the #teamkylie lip trend, unfasten your seatbelt and relax, our favorite fall lipsticks are here!

There are two completely opposite main lipstick trends this season, and we like ‘em both.

In fact, on the one hand, how can we afford to tackle the next six months of grey and cold weather, plus festivities without a touch of  deep, warm red? It’s crucial, is it?

But on the other hand, chances are we won’t wear bold red lips each and every day and night, so the fashion fairy did us a favor – once again – coming out with natural looking hues to make our lips glowy on a day to day basis.

Ready to peruse the trends? Read until the end, there’s a top tip for you down the page.

Our Favorite Fall Lipsticks Are Bold!

favorite fall lipsticks 2016 femalejungle bold hues

From the vibrant and luminous satin red of Clarins to the darker cherry of Urban Decay and the balanced hue of Dolce & Gabbana, our favorite fall lipsticks are a statement to any outfit without looking overdone. Wear it with jeans and rough sweaters and you’ll be a girl with guts, put ’em on your elegant little black dress and you’ll look sophisticated.

The features I love more in these lipsticks?

Clarins always makes cosmetics with an eye on skincare, so you’ll get nourished and protected lips over your outfits and under the wind, rain and all those wintery accidents.

The Urban Decay “Vice” is among my favorite fall lipsticks because it’s part of a capsule vintage collection, and it looks hyperbolically cool, luscious and creamy. So can we not get it?

Finally, Dolce & Gabbana has a light and creamy formula that glides on like a charm and combines lipstick and lip gloss. Full and ethereal lips I’m ready!

But We Loooove These Natural Shades Too!

favorite fall lipsticks 2016 femalejungle nude colors

The other trend is looking effortlessly glowy. And the best way to achieve that is wearing a neutral plumping lipstick. But, there’s an untold rule about lipstick and makeup in general. Either if it’s bold or neutral, we should aways balance the lips mood with the eyes makeup.

So, if you put the accent on bold lips, you’ll wear a light and understated makeup on your eyes, while if you opt for natural looking lips, put an accent on your eyes for maximum effect.

That said, the natural glow this fall and winter is a big thing and the natural-looking selection of our favorite fall lipsticks is radiant and delicate.

The Milani soft pink lipstick is rich and nourishing, luminous, has added vitamins and a little price tag that  makes it worth trying.

YSL’s babydoll kiss & blush is good for lips and checks to get you a homogeneous radiant look. It comes with a soft brush and a matte finish that you can refine with a transparent lipgloss. On the other hand, if you wanna beat the breeze with a moisturising and plumping lipstick, pick the super luscious leather-boxed by Givenchy!

A Top Tip For Your Lips…

It’s the swipe-dab-smear routine to makeup your lips in an effortlessly cool way via fingerpainting. All you have to do is swipe the lipstick on your finger and dab it on your lips. Then, you smear a bit to make to make the color blend effortlessly on the border of your lips. That’s a fantastic way to dose the color and also great to repurpose darker lipsticks for a natural and luminous look.

Cover Photo Via Harper’s Bazaar, Collage pics via Pinterest

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