What’s more electrifying than a flower dress in electric blue?

Maybe the fact that FemaleJungle got a new friend, Federica ( Kika for the junglers) who’s partnering with me to create original outfits and to deliver you the best advice and ideas for your real-life super duper style!

Scroll down the photos to read the styling tips we put together for this outfit.

flower dress electric blue inspo

Flower Dress electric Blue Kika

flower dress + zara necklace

Flower Dress gold bracelet

See the fancy-pants inside the bracelet? That’s me taking the photos!

The Flower Dress Outfit – Quick Styling Tips

When you’re engaged in a shopping session to buy a flower dress, make sure you look for the colors that best suit your skin tone and don’t be fooled by the deeply warm colors usually trending on fall, if they don’t suit you, you’d better not buy ‘em.

In fact, Kika’s look today was gorgeous, not only because she’s a very nice woman, but also because being a Spring she looks fantastic wearing bright colors like true blue, pink and coral.

We also decided upon the use of a heavy necklace like the one you see in the photos, because even though the flower dress is already rich in decorations with all those stitched flowers, the weight, the design and the colors of this particular necklace are perfect to give definition to your neckline and bring light to you face.

Last but not least, Kika’s wearing nude pumps to enhance the legs and a neutral baguette bag in order to keep the overall look sleek and classy. We also decided to add the golden bracelet with a lapis lazuli detail to add some sparkle to Kika’s arm and make it look longer.

Flower Dress in Electric blue

The Takeaway

A flower dress is such a feminine clothing item that you should never wonder when it’s a good moment to wear it. Just make sure you pick the right color and style and you’re good to go. Here’s the link to my flower dress selection to keep inspiring you, so check it out.

For this post we used:

– Sinéquanone Electric Blue Flower Dress (similar to this)

RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses

Zara Nude Pumps ( check these out)

Zara Necklace ( In love with this one from Kate Spade)

Vintage Snake Baguette Bag ( I like this too)

Italian Handicraft Gold Bracelet ( what about this one from Chloé)

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