Sweater Weather Is Coming Fast, And Our Favorite Picks Are Already Here!

fw18 sweater weather editor picks

Wow, this year September is full of surprises! Just a couple of weeks ago I was at the sea chasing “the hottest sun of the century”, and today I’m here at the keyboard while a cloud burst is raging outside. That’s a good excuse for some sweater weather shopping, is it?

That’s how I decided to indulge in my favorite activity – wishlisting – while a cup of green tea has officially replaced my lemon flavored gatorade. And even if I’m adamantly persisting in wearing pink flip flops with a jungle-printed short romper, my fall crave for sweaters has just begun.

So, here’s my first editor’s pick round of sweaters, some at very low price tags, some definitely not. But that’s how I pick items. Since I don’t believe that style and personal taste should be separated by a price tag, I like to mix and match different pieces that just look good together. And what’s more important, I’m here to bring you some inspiration!


Cover via @oliviaedit