christmas Gift Guide glittered

Here at femalejungle we love glitter, sequins, crystals, lurex and everything that shines. And we’ve just realized that Christmas is the most sparkly time of the year, so why not covering it all in glitters?

The Christmas gift guide I have in mind today is one of the most shimmery, shiny, twinkly things you’ve ever seen, and it’s perfect if you’re looking for special gifts for the bubbly people you love.

From super luscious beauty products to patent leather accessories and shiny phone covers, my mission today is to collect all those things that make my eyes ( and yours!) get in some sort of hypnotic state.

Honestly, I don’t know what it is, but it’s awesome. When I see sparkly glittered things I feel at home. And I just can’t stop watching the thousand reflections of light coming from said object. What is it? Did I mention that I was born in 1981? That’s the only answer I have for now!

Beauty & Accessories That Sparkle

Beauty gifts are definitely the no-risk items for women. I mean, do you know any girl that would fake a delighted smile in front of a shiny Saint Laurent palette? If you do, you better check if she’s an actual human or a reptilian, right?

Wrist decor & Happy Clutches: The Sequined Christmas Gift Guide

From the classic Trinket clutch to the most memorable shoulder bags, like the one from Stella McCartney, it’s always the right time to grab some sparkly fashion piece. And if you’re not sure about that, maybe you need a  glitter watch?

Shimmering Clothes To Wrap For The Sake Of Fashionism

Your fashionistas friend can’t literally breathe without glitters and sequins, promised. So what about giving a hot cocoa party just to unwrap gifts under a perfectly decorated Christmas tree?  Add some shimmering clothes to this recipe and – no matter if you bought ’em at Chloé or at Topshop – you’ll have the best unwrapping party of the season!

Feet-&-Arm Party? Go With These Gifts

I just learned from a recent research on giftypedia that gifting shoes may send bad luck. Then I found out a bunch of sequined and glittered and patented pumps from Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci and MiuMiu. I don’t know why, but suddenly and inexplicably I stopped being superstitious! I’m ready to accept this sort of gifts and I believe you are too.  Who else is ready to sign a liability agreement to get shiny shoes gifted this year?

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