Because you’re always on the run. And even if you weren’t, knowing how to improve your style effortlessly and quickly is quite good. You’ll have five more minutes to stalk someone’s Instagram. ..Right?

And just to save you more time, we grouped our compilation of basic fashion tips for every occasion. From dressing easily when you’re in a rush to styling yourself quickly for work we got you covered! Plus, just because we want you to feel more attractive, head on the last section to see how to improve your style and get a special twist in no time!

You ready?

How to improve your style when you’re in a rush

#1 Save time on color combinations

how to improve your style monochrome

There are mornings you’re so late that you just can’t even. You rush to the wardrobe while the cat is meowing for some milk. Your other half cannot find his shirts. Whatsapp rains notifications and your colored shirt is spotted.

…When it looks like the universe is conjuring against your style efforts, the safest solution is going with a monochrome outfit. It is a valid shortcut that gets you over the color selection and combinations and drops you directly at the final stage of choosing the actual pieces of your outfit.

Even though the idea of wearing black and white may seem a bit boring at first, it’s a choice that saves you a ton of time and you always preserve a classic and impeccable look.

My style advice to make it less boring: try to have fun with white. For example, try a tiny white belt and white pumps if you’re wearing a black dress or bottom.

#2 Put colors together in a flash

how to improve your style pastels

Some of my girlfriends really hate wearing black, and I’m not a lover of total black too. So, if instead of the classic monochrome outfits you want to wear colors, I’m with you!

Here’s the tip: opt for pastels.

When you put pastels together you have a lot of choices. Simply because they all have a high percentage of the same basic color – white – they always look good together. And you really can’t go wrong.

You’ll get a refined look with a feminine twist in literally one minute.

you can also evade the time-consuming color selection and go with a pastel look. There are almost no wrong combinations when it comes to pastel colors, and you will also seem more feminine and gracious.

#3 Get dressed stylishly. And quickly.

how to improve your style dress

How many times have you heard that less is more? And that simplicity is key?

When it comes to style, wisdom words often fall apart.

In fact, here’s one tip: buy more dresses! Dresses are the best way to save you time in the morning, so you don’t get lost in your closet pondering how you can combine two pieces together. They’re easy to put on when you’re running late. And you’ll have plenty of time left to have fun with make up and accessories.

You see? From this moment on “less is more” becomes “dress is more. ..And simplicity keeps being key!

Styling: wear your one-piece outfits with flats, pumps or even sneakers. Dresses are the most comfortable yet feminine choice to get dressed quickly and look put together.

How to improve your style when you dress for work

#4 Get an instant upgrade with this one item

how to improve your style blazer

We’ve already talked about improving your professional image in a couple of posts. And it always came out the blazer is hands down the one clothing item that marks the difference between a casual outfit and a business casual or professional one.

When you make a habit out of wearing blazers, you’ll find them comfy and suitable for any occasions. You’ll feel free to try different fabrics, colors and shapes and it’ll become a sort of armour to make you feel stronger.

Try to put on a well-fitted blazer to shape your figure and then play with your outfit adding more feminine pieces, like a delicate silk shirt. Or put it on your white t-shirt and relaxed jeans to level up the daily game.

Style hint: Look, you don’t necessarily need to be a career woman, a lawyer or a manager to include blazers in your wardrobe. You just need to start looking at it as an ordinary clothing item and mix it with more relaxed clothes to get a new and improved twist for your daily style.

#5 Why you don’t really need to walk on heels

how to improve your style with flats

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know how much I love Sophia Webster shoes. Especially the ones with high heels. But, let’s face it, the hectic life is already giving you enough headaches and some days you just desperately wish to replace high heels with a cozy pair of mountain boots.

Well, last week I was surprised to read that the same Sophia Webster whose shoes are in my daydreams wears flats at work. And heels for nights out and other occasions.

“I don’t wear heels every day, but certainly whenever I go out for dinner or drinks, heels are a must.”

So why in the world, I told myself, women feel they should always wear heels to look put together? That’s just not true, and it seems the world of fashion has finally come to the same conclusion deciding that flats are also worthy of a professional look!

The good news is you can have a comfy and chic look at the same time. Flats are fancy and can go with any outfit. No matter how professional you want to look.

Hint: Start investing in a flat collection and play with different prints and fabrics to get an original wardrobe.

#6 Opt for useful bags

how to improve your style messenger bags

When you get out in the morning and come back home at the end of the day, chances are you’re doing other things than just commuting, right? And you’re likely doing all kinds of activities all day long, carrying heavy equipment on your shoulder. And likely bringing two bags with you.

If your alternative at carrying a purse AND another bag for your documents, laptop and other working device is going out with a backpack, we got you covered.

There is no need to put an outfit in jeopardy with a backpack anymore. A more stylish and useful alternative are old school women’s messenger bags. They look great on professional outfits as on casual ones, and there are so many styles you can opt for based on your personal sense of style.

Messenger bags are spacious and they’re usually organised in folders so you can bring personal things and working materials together, seamlessly. And when your red gloss will accidentally open in your bag, contracts and bills will be safe.

Style advice: Leather messengers are the most stylish and they’ll look even more interesting as they get old. As for the color, opt for the hue that goes best with your usual outfit palette. For example, if you wear mostly light or pastel colors opt for beige. Or go with black or brown if you use to wear darker outfits.

Get a special twist in no time

#7 Put an accent on your head

how to improve your style with hats

Some love them. Some hate them. But the fact is, hats are always charming. With the only exception for that time – around half 2014 – all the fashionistas were wearing an hypertrophic witch-style black hat.

Talking about the tiny details that make all the difference, hats are a smart choice to get an instant style upgrade. You can put on stylish beanies, sporty baseball  hats or elegant fedoras and immediately refresh your entire look. No matter how common is the rest of your outfit.

Style hint: Save a bad hair day with the right hat. Whatever the season, it’ll work.

#8 Enrich any top in a flash

how to improve your style with scarves

Just like hats, scarves are always coming to the rescue of any elementary outfit.

A scarf can even be the only source of vivid color from your look, and you are still ready to face your day in style.

With just some basic clothes and a warm or cold designed scarf, you are all set to welcome any season!

Hint: When you shop for scarves, look up for the colors that best compliment your face. That’s a useful way to get an immediate face refresh.

#9 Give new life to your clothes

how to improve your outfit with accessories

Unless you are a multimillionaire fashion blogger, chances are you’re not getting new clothes everyday. In fact, almost nobody affords a new look every day. And a continuous shopping spree is not an option for busy women.

But there’s one easy thing you can do to get a new perspective on your clothes.  You can refresh your daily outfits with new accessories.

And in this case also, don’t just  randomly head for shopping. Instead, make a list of accessories that work with your clothes.

This way you will streamline the shopping session and save a lot of time while upgrading your wardrobe.

#10 Add some sparkle

how to improve your style statement jewelry

Don’t let the fast pace of life and convenience steal your voice away. Your outfit should speak volumes about your identity and your mood. And statement jewelry will perfectly do the trick.

Opt for loud, bold necklaces to play down a serious outfit. Or pick pearls and stones to add colors and light to darker clothes. Don’t overdo it, though. One piece of statement jewelry will do.

And then…

See how simple it is? Improving your style is easy and quick if you know how to do it. …Now, for the sake of tartan skirts, leave a comment below and tell us about   one of your personal style secret, to help us improve our outfit!

📸 Cover Credits: TheBlondeSalad – Other pics via Pinterest

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