Of all the fashion items I love most, bags and shoes have a special place in my heart. But, do I have a clue on how to take care of leather bags, specifically?

Obviously not! That’s why I called Michael K., a leather artisan and blogger, to show us how to treat our little ( and sometimes bigger) treasures.

From my angle, I can only say that especially when they’re finished with delicate and luminous colors, leather bags instantly add a sophisticated, clean and luxurious touch to any outfit.

So why are you – and I – so hesitant about buying bags in pastel or neutral hues?

Let me guess: maybe it’s because as much as we love the elegant, polished twist of bright accessories, we also hate all the dirt spots our bags can literally magnetize with daily usage.

Well, giving up on buying and wearing our items of desire is not the solution. Here’s what to do instead…

How To Take Care Of Leather Bags – The Specialist Has Spoken

Anna: Hi Michael! What’s the first thing we should know about our favorite leather items?

Michael: Well, as you said, most women are hesitant to buy bags or purses in delicate hues because any dirt, stain, and grime is magnified.

Leather items are an integral part of our daily outfits, and learning to recognize the different types of leather, such as top grain and full grain, is helpful in ensuring that your leather products are clean and will last longer.

A.: What other features we should know before buying a leather bag?

M.: Even knowing more about the product and its raw materials is vital for your buying decision. For example, it’s helpful to understand the treatments your bag has gone through during the production process.

Like, you should consider whether a bag is made from aniline leather or semi aniline leather. That’s a technical word, but visually, you can see that aniline leather items are softer and have a natural look, because they’re treated just a minimum.

All those features correspond to different price tags, but they also denote different resistance to external agents, and consequently different durability. In fact, it’s not said that spending more on buying your bags equals they will last longer…!

A.: Great, that’s vital info for my next shopping sessh! Now let’s get to the point. How to take care of leather bags, I mean like everyday.

M.: You can make your bags last longer – especially the pastel or neutral ones – with proper cleaning and care. To maintain the quality of your bag, removing the stains is not enough. You should use the proper materials and cleaning solutions.

Here’s my Golden Rules list to keep your leather bags in great shape:

#1 – A good protection treatment is important to prevent damage, grease penetration and staining. Apply a protection cream or treatment at least once every two months.

#2 – Regular cleaning is also a must for your leather bags, especially the ones in light colors. Cleaning obviously removes dirt, keeps your bag looking new and fresh.

To clean your favorite leather purse: Place a white towel underneath the bag and use lukewarm, soapy water to remove stains easily. Work with a soft damp cloth to prevent from surface scratchings. Also, while cleaning your leather bag, make sure you follow the natural path of the leather grain to keep it safe from odd marks on the surface.

You can safely clean your bag once a week, just make sure to apply a water based leather conditioner on all the outside parts of the bag for extra protection once you’ve finished the cleaning process.

#3 – Keep your bag free from dust using its own dust bag. If you don’t have any, be creative and use a pillowcase. It won’t just prevent your bag to get covered in dust, it’ll also keep it from discoloring.

A.: That’s useful advice Michael! One last thing to ask…what about broken pens and ink stains?

M.: Well, that’s a tough issue… The key to removing the ink mark is to clean it as soon as possible. There are special ink mark removers available in the market.

With proper care, your leather bags will stay elegant and polished, but bright bags, like white, neutral or pastel hues need special attention, especially special while treating dirt and stains.

Anyway, if you are unsure on how to take care of your leather bags in such situations and you don’t want to risk damaging it, you might want to take your bag to a professional local cleaner. They will keep you worry-free while ensuring specialized care for your leather bag.


Now that we’ve learned something about how to take care of leather bags, can I officially open a more aware and informed shopping session?

📸 Cover Credits: FashionHippieLoves – Other Pics via Pinterest ( Let’s connect?)

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