how to wear a pleated skirt - printed skirt and turtleneck via nicolepinheiro

Experimenting with seasonal trends, color juxtapositions, fabric matchings and layers is something that always brings me a lot of fun, often a great look and, usually, a new perspective on the styling possibilities for the different seasons.

Take the pleated skirt for example, it’s something to wear this week and all year round.  But, if you want to bring it out of the usual elegant/preppy styling scheme and give it a new, fancy twist, the best moment to experiment is when the weather starts to chill. Simply because the temperature gets lower, we have a good excuse to wear it with more items and make each outfit unique and stunning!

Also, if you believe that fall winter fashion is the less the imaginative and colourful, just have a look at these outfits and revive your fall to winter (to spring) outfit inspiration to wear a pleated skirt!

1 . Wear A Pencil Skirt With Your Favorite Chunky Sweater

how to wear a pleated skirt - with a chunky sweater via soniafrancexvia @soniafrancex

Chunky sweaters are really my cozy cocoon when the temperature gets down, and they’re also an unexpectedly great match to pair with a midi pleated skirt. The shiny appeal of satin – or even velvet –  mixed with the raw appearance of knit is ideal to get that “undone” look that makes this outfit bold.

Also: tough accessories, like a studded bag or a minimalistic leather clutch are the best on this outfit!

2 . Or Make It Look Romantic With A Simple top

how to wear a pleated skirt via carriebradshawlied- metal midi pleats skirtvia @carriebradshawlied

Exposing a bit ok skin even if you’re wearing long sleeves is very indicated if you want to achieve a dreamy, romantic look. In this case going for a pleated skirt in metal and a simple top or body that leaves a bit of a shoulder or back exposed is definitely a good idea. And a no brainer to get ready for your next night out.

Also: this metallic midi skirt + romantic top is a go to outfit for festivities and parties this season!

3 . Avoid Boredom With Fancy Prints

how to wear a pleated skirt - printed skirt and turtleneck via nicolepinheirovia @nicolepinheiro

No way to look boring when you wear a pleated midi skirt. Except if you wear it like it’s the 1920s (truth is they weren’t boring even back then..!). What I mean here is you want to achieve a look that is sophisticated, good looking and wearable, right? That’s why a colourful printed pleated skirt looks so bold and beautiful when you wear it with something basic and minimalistic like a black turtleneck.

Also: patent booties look so good under pleated skirts, they literally make heads turn ( have you seen the man on the bike?)!

4 . Or Wear a Pleated Skirt at The Office, With a Twist

how to wear a pleated skirt via dariak_stylevia @dariak_style

Still wondering what to wear with a long pleated skirt, maybe at the office? Well an outfit like this looks great also if you have a job interview ( better if it’s a fashion related job!) or just a brunch with your friends. Faux leather pleats and an oversized blazer look so well together because they recall the basics of menswear.

Also: the rock concert t-shirt is another great detail to add a glam twist! The feminine silhouette of the pleated skirt + heels is perfectly balanced with masculine details like leather x oversized blazer x large tee.

5 . You Can Even Pair it With a Simple Sweater

how to wear a pleated skirt -burgundy midi pleats for festivitiesvia @livpurvis

Just in case you want to wear a pleated skirt with a simple sweater and stroll all day, one way to make it effortlessly good looking is opting for a bold colored skirt. Burgundy is the star of fall winter 2017, but it’s also a classic of colder seasons in general, so you can buy a burgundy pleated skirt this year and wear it for the years to come.

Also: when you pick a bold color for your pleated skirt, you don’t really need to add that much to look stylish. Remember, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

6 . But If You’re Still Wondering…

how to wear a pleated skirt - with a maxi sweatervia @thefashionguitar

..If you’re still wondering what top to wear with a pleated midi skirt, let me tell you this combo is something you’ll just want to try. Wear your pleated skirt under a chunky knit dress that would normally let your shins freeze and your knees squeeze. This is a bold and #ohsostylish alternative to knee-high boots & co. ( still in love with them though..!), just make sure to use colors and the right accessories, to avoid the “grandma effect”.

Also: stylish details like amazing shoes make the difference in this kind of outfits. You don’t necessarily need to wear heels, in fact you could also wear it with a pair of bold sneakers like these or these and look really good!

7 . You Can Always Keep It Polished

how to wear a pleated skirt - with a blazer via makuto_stylevia @makuto_style

One of the easiest looks to achieve with a midi pleated skirt is the polished one. This is the outfit you can wear at any office and at any job interview if you want to look sophisticated and professional. As always, the plaid blazer ( a fall winter staple, especially in 2017 ) is a business casual must have, and you can add a very stylish accent wearing it with a boldly colored pleated skirt and keeping it closed with a statement belt.

Also: using a belt over the blazer is such a great idea to shape the figure and define the waist line, especially on a pleated skirt that usually adds a bit of volume right under the waistband.

8 . Or Make It Purrrrfect For Street Style Shoots

metal pleats - how to wear a pleated skirt via vikyandthekidvia @vikyandthekid

Metallic pleats x bold colors x fluffy accessories and statement shoes. Do we need say more?

Also: opposites attract, if you will!

9 . Oh, And We’ll Always Love The Pink Skirt x Black Leather Combo!

how to wear a pleated skirt - pink pleats and black leather jacketvia Pinterest

And because opposites attracts, could I not suggest you to wear a pleated skirt in pink together with a black leather biker jacket? You can wear this combo on any occasion, just put these items together in your closet and wear them when you want to look effortlessly good!

Also: metallic shoes girls, metallic shoes!!!

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