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secret spot for jewelry sales

Last week, while I was browsing online shops as per usual, to find interesting items to share with you, I got in touch with Elana Birnbaum, Director of Ecommerce at, the online luxury store that basically makes jewelry sales all year round. And since I couldn’t believe the double figure discount under my favorite Bvlgari ring, I touched base with Elana and decided to bring you some info!

Jewelry Sales 365 Days a Year: How it Works

Shopworn launched as an online shop in August 2016 – Yay! Happy Birthday guys!! 🎂- and it’s aimed at becoming the place to go for savvy luxury shoppers. These are the people who don’t really like to buy pre-owned things just for the sake of paying less, and will quickly jump on the sales train once they find their dream item.

It could be a luxury watch for a man or a stunning ring for a woman, surely hand crafted, most of the time sold at a whopping 60% and up to 85% off. But, what I like most about this retail therapy service ( yes, they coinded this definition on Instagram I think, so now shopping has a dignity too! ) is the fact that the jewelry you buy is totally new. In fact, nobody has ever really worn these watches, rings and shiny beauties, apart from the store displays they came from.

shopworn online jewelry sales all year round

Talking with Elana, she told me that the items they sell for such a discounted price come directly from authorised retail stores or brands who buy back stock inventory. So, nobody has ever touched those items, and they’re finally ready to bring joy to your life at a price you’d never thought!

As a final notice, Elana added that since every piece on the site is so special, each and every item goes though an inspection process before being uploaded to the online shop, so there’s no chance to get a damaged jewel EVER.

Can Luxury Really Be Savvy?

This new concept of buying luxury in a savvy way totally got me. After all, Gabrielle Chanel once said that people think luxury is the opposite of poverty, while – she added- it’s the opposite of vulgarity, actually.

Well, she got me too with this quote. And with the clothes she designed, obviously. But that’s another story..

jewelry sales - stunning jewels at shopworn

I think that buying luxury and paying less are not, in any way, in a dichotomous relationship. Because, if luxury is the opposite of vulgarity, then it must definitely be a synonimous of wisdom, don’t you think?


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This post was in partnership with Shopworn and Shopping Links, but all of the opinions within are mine!