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Whatever your age, if you’re a woman you’ve certainly gone through different body changes and shapes, included those teen moments when your boobs start having their own life.

And even if now we’re a bit beyond that first-growth period, it doesn’t mean changes are over. Maybe you’re feed-breasting your baby, going through midlife hormonal changes or just trying to peacefully coexist with your school mates AND a large bust.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter where you are in your life, having a big breast isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not so confident and don’t like to get noticed. On the other hand, having a large bust makes you very feminine, so you should definitely put an eye on your outfits.

Here’s 3 super actionable style tips to enhance your large bust and keep your figure balanced. Because whatever your bust size, you deserve to feel * fabulous * and get the best out of yourself!

1. The Best Necklines For A Large Bust

large bust style tips necklines

  • Pick open neck collars like v-lines, square and scoop neck:

Imagine your torso is a wall, the more squared and strong it looks, the more its surface becomes a focal point. On the contrary, using open necks gives more space to your face, your smile and your skin, changing the observer’s perspective.

  • Try to avoid turtle necks and high necklines.  But, some people (like me) really love turtlenecks, right?

So here’s the solution: Layer it under a v-neck cardigan or a classic jacket and create a color contrast!

2. The Best And Worst Fabrics, Shapes and Patterns For Large Busts

large bust style guide best fabrics

  • If you don’t feel so comfy with your boobs, stay far from skin-tight tops. They look sexy but, when it comes to balancing and harmonising your figure, you’ll probably feel more comfy in a soft, natural shape. Anyways, skin-tight tops are fine if you love the shape of your torso and you want to show it!
  • In order to keep a slick and sophisticated look, try to avoid to thick fabrics, they just add volume to your boob’s volume and they often create thick wrinkles near the armpits, which I personally hate. 🙂

  •  Choose asymmetrical patterns and little prints, they’re useful to switch the focal point from your boobs to the entire figure and they help redefine your body shape.
  •  Opt for to soft shapes and three-quarters sleeves. While the first make your shape look soft and gently round, shorter sleeves are useful to move the focus on your forearms rather that your breast.

3. How to Style Accessories On A Big Breast

large bust style tips aceessories

  • Buy a ton of long necklaces! A long necklace captures the observer’s eye and adds verticality, rebalancing your bust’s shape. You can also use it to reshape a turtleneck, just in case…!
  • Wear more blazers and jackets. Their characteristic v-line is a great way to reshape the figure.
  • Use light or silk scarves, just make sure to leave them fall vertical on your torso and you’re done.

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