Have you ever noticed that most of the time people insist they don’t really bother looking good?

They just see it as an accessory, or sometimes they put a guilty tag on people that try to look good.

Well, the truth is they are missing a piece of the cake:

Looking good is not being a fashion victim, it is not being too selfish, it is not being stupid and superficial.

Looking good everyday is a way to communicate that you are a smart person, who knows how to live in the world and who can probably sell a product or service better that the average looking person.

And here is why.

As an example, look at these pictures and then tell me:

  • If you were looking for a good hairstylist in town, who would you chose between these two?

looking good which hairdresser

Ok, this was to make you laugh, but don’t underrate it! 😀

  • If you were searching for a tax advisor for you technological startup, which of the following would you choose?

looking good professional life


  • Which of the two would you choose as the teacher of your little-lovely-firstborn (this is not joke, look here)?

looking good everyday


In a post I wrote for Sylvia Van De Logt of 40+style, talking about the importance of wearing a blazer to instantly gain authority and trustfulness, the comments were fired with real experience vs what I call the reality check rejection.

Some women made the point that no one should be judged for their appearance, stating that looking good or dressing with a purpose is not important.


Some other women agreed that it was not a question of ethics but something more related to what we really experience in our daily life. This comment was my moment of glory:


Then there was this one:



So what?

Experts say judging at first sight is something you can’t stop doing, nor stop going through, because it’s totally instinctual, coming form your subconscious in less than a second.

The smartest thing you have to do is to dominate the topic and take advantage of looking good, so you will grow your self-confidence and get yourself skyrocket towards the goals you want to achieve!


Why Looking Good is Good for Your Career

You should take care of your personal grooming and your physical appearance in order to grow your career, because they influence other people’s perception of your overall success in life, and implicitly suggest information about:

  • Your authority,
  • Your wealth,
  • Your intelligence
  • Your trustworthiness.

I know that my statements look a bit odd in this age of freedom, but don’t miss the point that this is also the age of speed and communication, so why would you lose a chance of showing how good you are even before you speak?

For example, think about a job interview where you are dressing sloppy and you’re talking swallowing your words, while the person next to you is wearing a nice suit and is talking like a professional.

What are you showing to the interviewer?

She doesn’t even care what you are saying, because you’ve already disqualified yourself with your appearance. At this point it won’t matter if you’re a genius, she won’t even hear your words.

Harsh but true.

bad job interview


It’s so evident that your personal presentation influences people around you. And making an excellent first impression is a way to quickly overcome decision people takes on you IN A FLASH.

According to Brian Tracy, a leading authority on success strategies and personal development

“Many capable men and women are disqualified from job opportunities because they simply do not look the part.”

What does it mean? It is clear that wether or not you think that your appearance is important, it affects your life on a deeper lever .

Along with Brian Tracy’s statements, a recent Gallup poll shows that

“For seven out of ten Americans physical appearance is important in terms of happiness, social life and the ability to get ahed.”

Additionally, another Gallup poll states that

“Research studies show that attractive people fare better than those perceived as less attractive in many business and social situations.”

So what are you waiting? Are you stuck in the reality check rejection?

Look, bothering with looking good is not about hustling, it is caring about yourself

The real news here is that what is true for social situations, is also true when you face the mirror.

Having a good relation with yourself is probably the most important trigger for your personal success.

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Now tell me, how do you think your self esteem reacts once you constantly judge yourself as too old, too heavy, too tall, or simply ugly?

It happens that self-sabotage and insecurity build a grave in the place where self-love and confidence should be making a pool party.

pool party

If you read one of the most successful books on personal success,  Tracy’s Maximum Achievement you’ll find out that

“One of the best measures of self-esteem is how much you like yourself. The more you like yourself, the better you do at everything you put your mind to, the more confidence you have, the more positive your attitude..”

On the other hand, he states

“Destructive self criticism is one of the most harmful of low human behavior. It lowers self esteem, creates poor self image and and undermines the individual performance in everything she attempts.”


Now tell me, do you think looking good is important for your career?

How do you think your appearance is influencing your life?

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What would like to change or enhance in your image to improve your life?


Write all your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned to unleash your uniqueness!

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