A Bag Full Of Life

Mahi monogrammed duffle bag for Frank Water

I don’t know about you, but one of the feelings that I’m experiencing lately while shopping is a mix of happiness and discomfort.

Maybe it’s because I’m growing up and getting more sensitive about what really matters in life?

In fact, I recently came to the conclusion that what really matters in life is basically two things: being healthy and having a perspective.

I’m deeply convinced that these two things put all us humans on the same level.

Also, I firmly believe that even when we buy everything we want, amass money, clothes and god knows what, if we don’t have a perspective on improving our life and making plans, and feeling healthy, that’s true misery.

So, if you’re wondering what’s the point on shopping and my discomfort, here’s what I mean.

Every time we can, we should do something to help other humans get a perspective, the possibility to dream about a brighter future. And when we shop, we should at least favor those companies which are transparent on their policies or take action on positive humanitarian projects.

Let  me ask you, how happy will you feel when you’re buying your latest fashion crush and at the same time you’re helping someone getting ahead in their life? It’s fantastic!

And that’s how I came in touch with Mahi Leather, a company that produces made to order leather accessories and ALSO donates $1.50 from every sale to FRANK Water Charity.

Shopping like this is definitely a game changer, because you can buy or gift someone with a beautifully monogrammed duffle bag, and people in the poorest areas of India gets clean water. Which means you’re helping people to literally ACCESS the BASICS of being healthy and able to have a perspective.
Pink monogrammed duffle bag and charity water project

I did some research on the Frank Water project and it’s been amazing to see how they brought clean water for sanitation and hygiene to save more than 300,000 lives in about ten years.

This project is so serious, and we should all get involved in supporting the companies that raise funds for humanitarian activities. Raising funds for clean water is such a priority for Mahi, that they even added the water drop symbol to their logo.

mahi leather pink monogrammed duffle bag


mahi leather monogrammed duffle bag

Mahi leather for a life saving project

So, if you’re looking for a high quality leather bag with your initials embroidered by hand, I hope you won’t look further, you know why?

Because on your next weekend trip, you won’t only pack two pairs of shoes and a couple of stytlish outfits to post on Instagram. You’ll be packing water, life, health and the possibility for thousands of people to have a brighter perspective on their life.

In collaboration with Mahi Leather, pictures via Instagram