pink fur coat cozy outfit

Winter again and I was sick of quilted coats, so I switched to a tailor made pink fur coat. And worn it like 24/7!

As always, I’m not so prone to stay in front of the camera, and I prefer to show up here and there on my Instagram stories, so I called my friend Elena and styled her with my clothes and accessories to show you one of my favorite winter outfits. Anyways, if you like a good story just keep reading..

That’s how it went.

My love for furry clothing is an old time classic, in fact I remember having a furry bag as a girl and literally melting in my mum’s cozy embrace when she wore her fur in the ‘80s. So, every time I have the possibility to wear furry things OR shiny things, I don’t think twice!

Since last November we had planned a trip to London for my birthday, I thought that was the best occasion to gift myself with a new faux fur coat.

My ideas were clear as a sunny day. Pastel pink was my color + I know a great seamstress.

My pink fur coat - faux fur for cold weather

all pink everything -faux pink fur coat and denim

Once I had my measurements, I ordered the fur fabric at a store near home and when it arrived I didn’t really know if I liked the color, because it’s not totally pink. It’s like layered and mixed with black and white. So, when the fur opens up it shows many color variations and shades.

I brushed and pet the fur for about ten minutes while the store owner threw me hopeless looks, then I felt in love – with the fur – and went on to pick the lining and the hooks!

pastel pink bag and pink fur coat detail

Part two consisted in one week and three fittings at the seamstress lab.

The risk with this long hair fur was me looking like a yeti, so we decided on how the sleeves should be cut and sewn to get a round shoulder, how the collar should fall under my face, coat length, hem rotundity, pockets and a bunch of other things.

I picked up my pink fur coat the day before the departure, and it really kept me cozy and stylish in the humid and freezing British weather!

pastel pink outfit with pink fur coat - faux fur

pastel pink and denim outfit - pink fur coat

Faux fur coat: here’s some great choice || Sweater: H&M || Jeans: Levi’s || Sunglasses: Gucci ( in love with these too) || Booties: Galieti (also loving these) || Black heart golden lace is handmade ( I also love this one) || Pastel pink bag comes from a manufacturer in Florence, Italy and it’s very similar to this

It was November, and I couldn’t imagine this pink fur coat would make heads turn in London, because you know, they’re so used to punks, rockstars and fashionistas..!

Anyways, having a girl following me into a store to ask where the faux far was from and quickly telling her it was tailor made with my design, was such a great feeling. I started daydreaming with my boyfriend about designing my own clothing line.. can you imagine?

Daydreams – and feeling like the next Donatella for a millisecond – aside, what I love more about my pastel pink fur coat and faux fur coat in general is that you can literally throw it on anything, at any time and get out looking jawdroppingly stylish while you also keep yourself in a warm cocoon. As I said before, I was sick of wearing the same dark quilted coats for 6 months and my pink fur really spreads joy when I wear it!