Natural Beauty: 7 Reasons to Start Making Your Own Hair Care Products

natural beauty 7 reasons to make your own haircare products

natural beauty 7 reasons to make your own haircare productsThere is no doubt that homemade beauty products are a big trend, and if you randomly browse the DIY goldmine called Pinterest, you’ll find a lot of natural beauty recipes that will leave some extra money in your pockets, and no eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. That’s a good excuse to have another doughnut on the run… so, if you haven’t yet hopped on the homemade hair care train, here’s 7 reasons to test the trend!

1. You Can Actually Store Them

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It can sound daunting to make your own leave in conditioner if you don’t know how long it will last, how to tell if it has gone bad, or how to store it properly. But the answers are not far away. With a few simple steps, you can help preserve your homemade goods and make them last just as long as the store-bought products, without all of the chemicals. Here’s some info on how to preserve your products and understand if your coconut hair mask is officially ready for the trash can.

2. You Have Control Over The Ingredients

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If on the one hand the beauty industry is turning more and more to nature oriented lines and unaggressive products, on the other hand, there’s still a lot of preservatives and chemicals in the average drugstore beauty and hair products.

Just try to walk into your favorite beauty supply store and pick a random shampoo. Look at the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle and try to recognize – let alone PRONOUNCE- them all! Sometimes the number of preservatives in conditioners and sprays to make their shelf-lives longer may be really damaging to your locks. Giving your hair a 100% natural treatment here and there, is certainly a good way to know exactly what goes into your hair and feel like you have a bit more control over it!

3. You’re Literally Feeding Your Hair

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Your body is your shell and it is SO important to take care of it. Imagine if we paid no attention to food allergies and continued to consume something that our bodies just can’t handle. Over time, you’re going to see some serious damage. The same goes with your skin, hair, and nails. Take some time to learn which ingredients work best for you. Everybody is different and requires its own composition of ingredients to thrive. Here are some great tips on learning about your skin.

3. There’s No Chance You Damage Your Hair

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Have you tried doing a coconut oil mask to see what it can do for your hair? You’ll likely be amazed at how soft, shiny and strong it can leave your locks, as-good-as or better than your store products! Plus, going natural is a surefire way to experiment without a chance of hurting your hair and scalp.

Simplicity is best for your hair, so keep the ingredients list short. The fewer the products that you use to achieve the same result as your store products, the more your hair will thank you with the results.

4. Homemade Products Look So Cute

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Apart from cutting out on plastic waste, you can put your homemade hair contitioners and masks into pretty jars with reusable pumps or spoons to dispense, and they’re easy to clean and fill again. Cutting back on the amount of plastic containers that we dispose of is not only helping the earth that is kind enough to house us, but also cuts back on the expense of purchasing another container. Save those pretty mason jars and wash them out to refill with the same or a new homemade hair care recipe.

5. You Just Save Money!

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This one is a no-brainer, we ALL want to save money where we can, no matter our income. Drugstore products are typically arranged by price, and you’ll notice that the brands you see on tv typically don’t fall right on the cheapest end of the aisle. You’re paying for the label on many of these products, without even knowing what’s inside the bottle.

Cutting out what you pay for low quality drugstore hair treatments and making your own hair products with natural ingredients from your kitchen, could eventually save you enough money to buy some really high-end and high quality hair treatment.

Like, wanna start saving on hair masks? Here are 9 homemade recipes with simple, inexpensive ingredients.

6. You Can Customize Scents And Recipes To Your Needs

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A quick search can get you off to a great start for homemade recipes, and the more comfortable you become, the more fun you can have experimenting with ingredients! Once you start making your own hair products there are endless options for scents and results that products made for mass amounts of people just can’t deliver. Customize your hair products for YOU, and your hair will thank you!

7. You’ll Feel Like The Next Natural Beauty Guru

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There is a definite pride that comes from actually prepearing your own hair treatments and this kind of DIY projects. They’re fun to make, they can smell like anything you’d like, and seeing them bring your hair back to life is all the more exciting when you know that it is a result of your own creation.

Have a product that worked really well for you? Post it on Instagram and let your friends see what you came up with. You never know who else is struggling and will need your recipe, so you can definitely aspire to be the next natural beauty guru!


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