sequined balmain top - Inspiring Fashion editorials for the holidays

What’s more sparkly and glamorous than a NYE party?

I’ve always seen New Year’s Eve like the Oscars of regular people, where everyone is allowed to wear something special and feel over excited about their lewk. And sure, it’s because we want to celebrate!  We want to be positive and open up to all the possibilities we’ll bump into next year, and clearly,  we wanna do it in great style.

So, to get you in the right mood, here’s some new year’s eve outfit inspiration from topnotch designers and fashion photographers that we picked for the love of style and glam.

Also, scroll down to the end of the post for the exact references plus, our pocket-friendly findings at the end of the post!

1 . The Sequined Suit

new year eve outfit -fashion editorials to get inspired these holidays

The Edit

If power dressing is a thing, then what’s better than celebrating in a Rachel Zoe sequined suit and iconic Miu Miu platform sandals?

2 . Sophisticated Geometries

sequined balmain top - new year eve outfit Fashion editorials
Balmain Pre-Fall 2018

The Balmain pre-fall 2018 collection is way more than a great NYE outfit inspiration. It’s a way to see the world and face the future like a rockstar. It’s time to leave alone that average rosé and reach out to some Moët (read Mo’wett)!

3 . Touches Of Delight

new year eve outfit inspiration - lace and tulle black dress
Elle Greece

If you’re more into chiffon and romantic transparencies that you are into sequins and glitters, this kind of style may appeal to you. Sort of good vibes with a sophisticated twist, is it?

4 . The Golden Hour

golden dress and shoes - new year eve outfit- fashion editorials to elevate your holiday stylesHarpers-Bazaar-Kazakhstan

Harper’s Bazaar

Wearing golden details is often a good idea, but if you’re really into celebrating properly, then a total bronze-golden look is the way to go for a timeless outfit. What makes me insanely want to achieve this look is the subtle retro twist. Plus, wearing a golden robe like a dress is such a stylish way to stay up all night!

5 . Seriously Colorful

new year eve outfit ideas - fashion editorials to pick some holiday outfit inspo

Balmain Pre-Fall 2018

A more colorful look with great ’80s vibes is this one from Balmain. Yes another one. Because this dress is beautifully structured, and shoulder pads are still the secret sauce for some serious styling.

6 . Pop Up Some Dreamy Colors

new year eve outfit inspiration from glamorous fashion editorials
Harper’s Bazaar

Mary Katrantzou is such a colorful, dreamy designer. And her clothes, tops and shoes are a bright inspiration to meet & great NYE in a very chic, different way.

7 . Denim With a French Touch

jeans and tulle top - new year eve outfit - free people

Free People 

While browsing around to find something different for your new year’s eve outfit, I stumbled upon this look. It’s simple and sophisticated, boyish and somewhat sexy, even a bit retro, if you will. And something to wear this year and look back to in 10 years just to tell yourself what a chic chick you were back in the day!

Enjoy your last day of 2017 and wear your best style and your brightest smile to welcome an exciting and promising New Year!