You know those fantastic, glamorous, luminous waves that are paving the Instagram wall of style right now?

It’s ombre – or ombré if you like a touch of frenchness – and it’s basically a hair shadowing technique that doesn’t require a lot of effort or time for roots retouches. Besides the fact that you’ll look and feel luscious all the time.

What I love more about ombre color is versatility.

As you’ll see from the styles I picked, this technique is perfect  to achieve A LOT of moods. In fact, if on the one hand your hair will always look luscious and curated, on the other hand you can choose among a ton of hues. From the most conservative – but never obvious – blondes and browns, to brighter colors and unicorn shades like pink, blue or violet. It’s up to you!

The ombre medium length hair is probably the most easy going BUT sophisticated hairstyle to try right now, so I thought we gotta get some idea before heading to the hairstylist for a look refresh!

The cutest ombre colors for medium length hair

Stay-classic hues:  Chocolate to honey


Brown hair is so normal that sometimes it gets boring. Maybe it’s because with dark hair it’s more difficult to spot a layered haircut or  look like a fairy, until you add some light, and that’s the case of ombre.

If you have brown hair and feel the urge of a look change without going totally blonde, ombre is a great solution. It leaves your roots untouched so you don’t have to worry about a dark straight line in the center of your head about seven days after your first bleaching. What it does instead, is lightly bleaching and clarifying the ends naturally blending them with your original color.

The result is fantastic, mostly because it brings light around your face, plus it brings out all the volumes of your haircut.


Red hues: Warm tones and sunset inspirations


From sunset hues to strawberry highlights and red-blonde, all these ombre are for strong personalities. Red hair are so attractive, magnetic and strong that you can only wear ’em if you’re happy to make head turns. And when you also get those beachy waves, the game gets stronger.

I’m not sure about the maintenance frequency and requirements for red shades, but if you feel like this is your color, just snap one of these pictures and call your hairstylist!


The unicorn trend, but luscious!


Are you in the right mood for a total look change? Then you should definitely go with unicorn hues.

Not only they’re crazy extravagant, they’re crazy extravagant in a positive way. Ombre medium length hair are a great combination with these funny colors, because while this specific hair length keeps a conservative touch, the ombre treatment adds a colorful sophistication that you could never achieve with a simple dye.

Credits: The blonde girl in lavender tee is @faiccoj. All the other pictures are works via @prettylittleombre an award winning color specialist.

This makeup is perfect for ombre ➪