The GIN Sessions: What To Buy This Week – Grab It Now!

striped colorful dress

Say hello to the first week of The GIN Sessions series!

While GIN stands for Grab It Now, the pun is not casual: you’ll feel inebriated – to say the least – by the items we spotted this week at unbelievably affordable prices. Let’s begin with (gin)gham

1.  Get Ready For a Glass of Rosé

How cute is this gingham dress with bows and bell sleeves?
Wear it at the office or for a casual stroll with your friends. The best matches for this dress are red lips, a red cross body bag and …a glass of rosé! Grab it now for $25.


 2. Time to Wax Those Legs…

Waxing may or definitely may not be my favorite activity, but these coral shorts from J.Crew Factory are certainly encouraging. And if your too lazy to wax your legs, just use one finger to get these shorts ($14.50!) and three fingers to hold your pink razor.

3. …But Not Those Arms!

Ok, you didn’t shave your legs. Neither I. Therefore, I won’t ask question about our armpits. Only know you can grab this striped top for $32.90, use it all summer long and nobody will worry about the state of your fluffy limbs!

4. Put Down That Rosé, It’s Time For Champagne

Am I getting off-topic? No. Because even if it’s Monday and I wrote about body hair for half of the post, my original goal was to show you a bunch of pretty clothes to shop this week.

So, here we are, this dress is for you ( $74). And if you don’t feel like wearing it now, I can safely say you’ll want to have it later on this summer, for one of your nights out or for your cousin’s wedding. That’s a GIN babe!

5. Bring The Summer In Your Closet

This dress has all you need in the summer: colors, stripes, happiness. Not to mention it’s a shirt, so you can dress it up for work just adding a red or blue belt, plus neutral pumps or colored flats. Or you can have it now ($49) and wear it on your next stroll with your friends. They’ll obviously wonder where is that you get such great clothes, that always look so good with ..rosé!


Did you like this GIN session? Then don’t forget to come back here next Monday for another roundup!