What does optimistic mean?

If you are blogger, a writer or a solopreneur just like me,  you’ve probably already gone through uncertainty and self doubt that working alone can cause.

Sometimes things don’t go exactly how you imagined, and you feel stuck in your life, trying to mend the tear between where you are and where you already whish you were.

It’s right at this point that you need to reframe your life with optimistic filters!

In my personal experience, self sabotage and pessimism always come to say hello before something happens in my life. It brings change and growth, most of the time, because I’ve learned how to handle it, and now I can say goodbye easily.

In order to get optimistic, you need to reconnect with yourself, and a very special cognitive psychologist conceived this DIY technique to bring back a big smile on your face. It doesn’t consist in browsing the web to read optimistic quotes, but it’s all about writing a new story of yourself. 🙂

All you need is a piece of paper and pen, I also love to hear some relaxing white noise like ocean or rain.

Hey, if you want to live optimistic, you’ll also need all the honesty it takes when talking to yourself, that’s the most important element!

optimistic vision of life

Start The Optimistic Change

  • Reserve 20 minutes of your time for 3/4 nights to write without interruptions.
  • Think about the person you want to become and write down. Write a new optimistic story about your life, describing yourself as the persona you wish you were.
  • Try to think positive while you write, imagine all your persona can do in life and put it on paper. Maybe your new YOU lives an easy life, she’s surrounded with love and she’s enthusiast about her job. Be realistic and constructive about your changes and think about how to get there.

Now go deeper. Leave behind things like money, cars and house and put all the attention on yourself.

Describe the new-optimistic-you as you wish you were, describe your values, your behavior, your relationships as if they were already realized.

When I edited my story  I got surprised on how small changes would affect my entire life for better.

In fact, when you finish writing the letter and get reading it, you discover your real values and, if you are at a crossroads in your life you’ll see what’s the best path to follow.

Story editing is so powerful that it can seem like magic, but it’s not. When we write a new story that describes who we are, why we behave as we do, and how we relate to others, that story changes our persona, and we will, consciously and unconsciously, start to make decisions and act in ways that are consistent with that story.

Susan Weinschenk Ph.D. – behavioral psychologist

When you read your new story you know what to do to bring back control and feel optimistic “ …I’m surrounded by friends” when you are a loner may mean you need friends!

Then , why not call your old friend or your neighbor for a cup of coffee? Just pick up the phone and ask how they’re doing, chat a little and with real interest with whoever gets in your way and start feeling surrounded with friends.

optimistic changes in life

Don’t feel ashamed to do things you’re not used to do, after all you’re just acting like your persona would…!
Do you know the catchphrase “Fake it ’til you make it”?

When you start living like the woman you described in your letter, you can’t help but get optimistic, simply because you’re realizing your true desires, overcoming self-sabotage and getting on the right path.

Write down your thoughts for three to four nights in a row. This will skyrocket your motivation and self-belief.

Once you get optimistic, getting out of your comfort zone won’t be a problem, since it’s your comfort zone that’s actually expanding!

Remember to write by hand on a piece of paper. Researches say that writing on paper makes your words binding.

Why Using Story Editing To Get Optimistic

Story editing is a DIY behavioral technique brought to public by the cognitive psychologist Timothy Wilson.  According to professor Wilson of the University of Virginia, this technique is useful to help you create a more optimistic story about your future, which brings you to easily overcome obstacles as they come up.

The excercise I described here is called the “best possible selves”, and if you want to know more about professor Wilson and his researches, you should definitely read his book “Redirect: Changing The Stories We Live By”.

Since behavior actively shapes your mindset, the story editing technique has revealed itself as a true life changing exercise to get an optimistic and constructive view of your life!

Now I’d love to know from you, do you feel the need of a change in your life or maybe are you at a crossroads ?

Would you like to get more optimistic?

Tell me more about your experience and write a line in the comments. Your thought are extremely important to everyone reading, so don’t think twice and share them! 🙂

One more thing.

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