If they were women, or better, fashion bloggers, I’m sure they would put together a bunch of style guides on how to wear statement items, like orange high heels, and get out of home without giving a damn.

And this wouldn’t even be the only reason to declare mr. Flamingo your personal style guru. I mean, it’s something deeper. Like, don’t you ever feel the pink bird in yourself is singing out loud for things you don’t have the courage to buy AND wear?

Now, I cannot tell if you can call yourself lucky for stumbling upon my guide, because technically I’m not a flamingo. But, I did a research to find out the perfect orange high heels that will unleash the pink bird buried within yourself.

Plus, I’m very expert at buying brightly colored shoes and not giving a damn!


Orange high heels laced up sandals Orange high heels laced up sandals
Orange high heels knotted mules Orange high heels knotted mules
Orange high heels Dolce & Gabbana pumps Orange high heels Dolce & Gabbana pumps
Orange high heels kate spade pumps Orange high heels kate spade pumps
Orange high heels curved heel kirkwood Orange high heels curved heel kirkwood

#1 Chilean Flamingo – the chic fashionista

The Chilean flamingo, which I renamed the chic fashionista, eats plancton, wears a moderately pink plumage and its legs are grey, with a splash of pink right upon its knees.

Just like a chic fashionista, this bird is always on a diet and it would never wear shoulder pads,  because of its deepest fear of being confused with a peacock!

If it was a woman, the Chilean Flamingo would look no further than a romantic pair of soft orange heeled pumps from Kate Spade or some geometric patterns from Kirkwood.

#2 James Flamingo  – The shopaholic

James Flamingo is the kind of friend you desperately need when the most luscious boutique in town is giving away designer shoes at a crazy discount.

With its 19 vertebrae in extra rotation neck you could spot the last pair of 50% off Charlotte Olympia mules from outside the shopping window!

#3 Rosy Flamingo – The sexy lady

When you really need a shop hard, party hard session, the Rosy Flamingo will be by your side.

Because, Rosy it’s THE pink bird. As wikipedia taught me:

“While males usually initiate courtship, females control the process. If there is mutual interest, a female will walk by the male, and if the male is receptive he will walk with her.”

Now tell me, isn’t it the perfect picture of the sexy lady in da club? And I’m sure, when it comes to picking her orange high heels, the Rosy in you won’t skip laced up sandals, fringes and ankle straps!

Now tell me, which Flamingo are you?

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