relaxing outfits to wear at home

Let me keep this sweet and short: wether you work at home or you commute all week long, the workweek is a total stress.

One of the things I feel more on my fullest days is pressure. Pressure to complete tasks as urgently as I can, because never know what’s gonna happen later on the day. And the constant feeling of being late on deadlines, and that you’re always behind with something.. it’s uncomfortable to say the least, right?

But, as they say, you only start to appreciate the little joys of life when you miss them! So, as the everyday stress continues to hit hard and the workload invariably piles up, I started realizing the value of self-care.

First of all, I find that maintaining healthy self-care rituals can truly ease the burdens of anxiety, stress and daily fatigue. In some cases, recharging from a tiring day might involve a vacation, a relaxing sip of hot coffee and a reset.

But I believe that instead of allowing our life to get to a place where we need that much to recharge, we should start by doing simple things on a consistent basis. Self help gurus say this will lead to dramatic results and a total lifestyle shift. Can you believe it?

For me, nothing equals turning off the computer after 10 hours of work and having a relaxing evening. One of the first things to do is hauling yourself to your bedroom and slip into one of your most relaxing outfits.

If you’ve looked in your closet and realized you might need to restock this portion of your wardrobe, add these three staples to your wishlist for your next shopping spree.



Sweatpants are the most common and comfortable things to wear at home. And there’s a lot to pick around to stay comfy and stylish while treating yourself to a self made meal or just relaxing on the couch.
Sweats are also great on those days when bloating seems to kill you and you look forward to getting home and just unbutton your super skinny jeans ASAP. My favorite sweats are here and here and if you don’t like the baggy look you can always chose something more flattering and equally comfy!

Bathrobes, Pajamas and Sleepwear


Another great way to relax after a tiring day is to take a long, hot bath. Ever thought of adding fresh petals and essential oils to the water?

I tried petals once in a spa and it was amazing! Once you fill the tub with water, petals and oils, you’ll enjoy a blissful relaxing experience, unclenching your muscles and washing away the day.

Once you’ve finished your bath time, you’ll be definitely ready to put on your favorite pjs and a comfy robe. There are lots of comfortable robes for men and women around, of many different kinds. So, If you like the idea of a lightweight, silky option, this will be easy on your skin, while a plush, cotton robe will keep you feeling warm and decadent. On the other hand, if you like warmth, but want an option that’s lightweight, opt for fleece or a mixed cotton fabric.

Lightweight T-Shirt, Oversized Sweater and Leggings


How many leggings do you have in your closet?
I have some made out of an heavy fabric for winter, and others that are more lightweight for spring. However, one of the great things about leggings is that you can wear them all year round.

Here’s what I do:

For the cooler months, I pick options made out of thicker cotton blends for warmth and wear layers on top. I usually start with a cotton t-shirt and then layer it with oversized sweaters, chunky cardigans or heavy sweatshirts, depending on the weather.
If you decide to head over to the mall for a bit, or just go strolling around for a couple of hours, you can always throw on a pair of sneakers, sandals or boots (depending on the weather) and head out the door. This combination is ideal because it’s not just comfortable, but super cute as well!

My 2 Cents..

As young as we may look, the truth is we are busy adults and we should always keep a place for self-care. If you don’t take the time out to recharge and reboot after a long day, you’re going to struggle to remain productive. And what about enjoying life, then?

When I’m relaxed I feel more positive, appreciative and I really feel I can rely on myself to live a fulfilling life. For simple as they may seem, little actions like slipping into relaxing outfits after a tiring day are so helpful habits to add to your self-care rituals.

Make sure you keep yourself as your first priority!

Cover Credits: – All the other pictures via Pinterest