slides shoes and slippers
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Slides shoes and slippers have been trending around last spring summer and they’re perfect for summer to fall too, because they keep an easy going look for those days when you just want to literally slip in your clothes without thinking too much. And without paying attention to what season your in.

Because seasonal changes are like Mother Nature on menopause, with memorable hot flashes and unpredictable chills. You obviously try to step away from her symptoms, but it’s inevitable: whatever you choose to wear, it’s the wrong choice.

So, how do you go through that miserable feeling of not knowing what to wear, once again?

Believe me, when you feel like that, you’re not alone. Actually, we’re in the vast majority! Focus on your feet and start building your outfit from the shoes. The basic difference between slides and slippers is that while both are backless, slides shoes are also open on the toes. Open in the sense that when you wear them your toes feel crazy and happy like boogie-woogie dancers. And so you do!

Now, I have two reasons to declare either slides shoes or slippers a coveted cross seasonal fashion nest before my paws quickly turn into eezy freezy blue raspberry pops:

  • One – They’re a no brainer to pair with a lot of outfits, from jeans and tees to skirts, dresses and overalls.
  • Two – You’ll always get the effortlessly interesting twist that fashion magazines always claim like French taste. Or basically what I call “looking an unconcerned badass with great sense of style”.

Let me close this post with a great carousel of the slippers and slides shoes I hand picked for you. But first. Make sure you get in the slip-in mood, or sleep-in mood if you prefer. And let your red polished toes party hard!

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