5 Summer Essentials GIN sessions

It’s that time of the year again! As the warm season approaches at a fast pace, my closet starts weeping old clothes or clothes that I found appealing until last year.

I don’t know you, but I’m already a bit late for my seasonal wardrobe change, and at this point a closet makeover is very much needed. Let’s get in the summer mood!

My weekly need of new clothes, that I named the GIN sessions just last week, this Monday brought me to the next 5 items. I picked them accurately and with great delicacy, as if they were pink and juicy summer strawberries. So, will you sink your teeth in this shopping guide?

Summer Essentials #1 : White Shirt With a Twist

2017 is the year of embroidery as much as 2016 was the year of lace. But the two trends are destined to stay around for quite a bit yet, because they look so good. So, if you want to buy a white shirt this year, pick one with embroidery! This one is on sale for less than $12,00 ( no typos! ).

Summer Essentials #2 : Slippers Have Never Been So Cute

You may or may not be a heel addicted, but one this is certain, this slippers are here to make you forget about looking taller and let you focus on feeling really charming, instead. The price tag here is a bit higher, but this is not the kind of shoe that you’ll wear just this summer. I’m a shoe addict, so believe me when I say, these beauties will still look amazing in 2027. That’s a GIN for me!

Summer Essentials #3 : The Lemon Dress

The lemon print is another summer essential we can’t let go. And this year shirt dresses are elegantly bulldozing the ultra-short-denim-shorts fashion that was all the rage until last year. Maybe it’s because the most sought after fashion influencers are getting to their 30s, and a style shift was utterly due.

Anyhow, the shirt dress, when made out of linen, printed in lemons and designed with a romantic corset is another timeless piece to grab instantly. And if you think you can only wear it on weekends, think twice. Put on a yellow or blue cotton cardi and you’ll look like a charm on the summer sweatiest working days!

Summer Essentials #4 :  The Neutral-But-Stylish High Waist Pants

Is there anything more predictable than wearing neutral colors in summer? Well, let me say I’m not passionate about neutrals like khaki, beige or taupe, but the pastel trend of this spring made me find out that a lot of pink shades, especially the muted ones, are so wearable. And they give a delicate, sophisticated twist to any outfit.

That’s the case of these comfy pants, with high waist and a bow. They have cut out pockets and a stylish capri length that will rock your style effortlessy with every shoe, from pumps to slippers and sneakers.

Summer Essentials #5 : The Romantic Jeans

We already got i not details about embroidery and how cool it is. Personally, my first purchase this spring have been a pair of embroidered skinny jeans from zara. I love them so much. But it’s the multitude of compliments I harvest every time I wear them that’s pushing me to suggest you should have a pair of embroidered jeans too. And for the purpose, I found this pair that is more relaxed than skinny, so you can wear it with a white shirt or an off the shoulder top, and those cuffs will make the world look a better place!


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