suede wedge booties under 100

suede wedge booties under 100

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With the colder season ready to knock the door, we need to level up our stylish-but-warm feet strategy!

And you know that I’m you’re style fairy wannabe, so I decided to make the heavy lifting for you. I mean, you know how tough it is to scroll through pages and pages of online shops, right? 🙂

But, let’s skip the shopping fatigue for a while, and let’s talk about style.

Suede wedge booties are among those items that will stick around for a long time and they’re extremely useful and very, very, very comfortable to wear al day long. My latest wedge booties were a neutral honey hue that I literally consumed down the soles, and continued to wear until the day one of the wedges came off… So today, I made a research to find something interesting to buy this year and came out with my favorites.

All the booties I picked are under $100 and in most of the cases under $80, so very affordable. That’s why you’ll also find some fashion pieces like the leopard print booties or the gipsy fringed ones. The idea is that besides stylish basics like neutral or black and grey wedge booties, you can also pick some trendy shoes for a reasonable price.

How to style suede wedge booties

Concerning the styling, I love how suede wedge booties look under bootcut jeans, when you can only spot the point and fake you’re walking on actual heels.  But they’re also great with pants in general, either skinny or cigarette cuts, and they’re perfect for work and commuting too.

On the other hand, I’m not crazy about wearing booties under skirts unless you have long and slim calves. The reason is ankle being the thinner part of the leg and if you cover it with booties they will visibly cut the legs length and you’ll look shorter. That’s the exact opposite effect of neutral pumps, remember?

Anyways, that’s just general advice, because it also depends on the rest of the outfit. For example, mini or just over the knee skirt with wedge booties and tights matching the booties color, is perfectly fine for dark shades.

On the contrary, I wouldn’t adventure too much into bright shades unless you’re aiming for a quirky and super colored outfit!

Now tell me, what are your favorite suede booties and how do you wear them?

How about mary janes?