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how to take care of leather bags

Buy ‘Em, Love ’m: How To Take Care Of Leather Bags

Of all the fashion items I love most, bags and shoes have a special place in my heart. But, do I have a clue on how to take care of leather bags, specifically?
Obviously not! That’s why I called Michael K., a leather artisan and blogger, to show us how to treat our little ( and sometimes bigger) treasures.

Summer to fall outfits featured

Summer To Fall Outfits: One Week Of (Mild) Ideas

Choosing summer to fall outfits is like packing for a trip at the tropics on Christmas, with your doorstep covered in snow and your dog suspiciously pointing at that Magical Frosted Forest Candle lit on the bookshelf.

how to improve your style quickly

10 No-brainer tips on how to improve your style. Quickly!

Because you’re always on the run. And even if you weren’t, knowing how to improve your style effortlessly and quickly is quite good. You’ll have five more minutes to stalk someone’s Instagram. ..Right?