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Looking at your best when you travel can really be challenging. First of all because you’re not allowed to clean out your beauty counter and and throw everything in your suitcase. If you’re a bit like me, you’d just need a whole suitcase for that, but if you’re seriously planning your next trip for work or pleasure (hopefully a loooong vacation!), and you’re a bit confused about which of your favorite beauty essentials to take with you, this post may come handy! Scroll down to find out which of our favorite travel size beauty products  you should take with you on your next trip.

1 .  A Good Face Cleanser

A face cleanser is a must when traveling. You would be amazed at the amount of grime and oil that collects on your skin after a flight. The best way to get rid of that and feel brand new is to carry a great face cleanser with you. Our favorite cleansers are from Bobbi Brown and Kiel’s. If you need a cleanser that doesn’t require to literally wash your face, opt for these Shiseido super light wipes! are easy to carry wipes that have aloe in them that can cleanse and moisturize your skin at the same time.

2 . A Travel Size Dry Shampoo

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The Everygirl

Another beauty essential to take with you is dry shampoo. Imagine having a meeting right after your flight, a quick dry shampoo is all you need to refresh your hair and look perfect on any last minute occasion. Our favorite dry shampoo is the Oat Meal by Klorane, perfect even for brunettes since it’s basically transparent and it only requires a couple of minutes to work out.

3 . A Good Hair Dryer

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The Coveteur

Talking ’bout hair, at a certain point you’ll have to wash them, and if you’re not gonna have a blow dry at a local hair shop, you may want to take a good hair dryer with you when you travel. The ones you find in hotel rooms are never any good and many times they don’t work as they should. A hair dryer can help a lot, especially if you like to shape your hair. Our favorites are the super technologic Dyson supersonic and  Conair which is a compact dryer with a handle that folds in on itself to make it very easy to carry in your travel bag.

4 .  A Roll On Perfume

Whenever you need to feel fresh on the go, having a travel size fragrance in your purse is a must. The ones we love and could never live without are delicate and floral roll-on fragrances like the amazing Hampton Sun Privet Bloom and the always chic My Burberry Black.

5 . A Comfy Razor

Whether you need to shave your legs or underarms quickly and effectively, a reliable razor is your best friend. Disposable ones are not the best option since they are not nearly as efficient or comfortable as you want, but there are lots of good alternatives that you can easily pack in your beauty case and use at need. Our favorite is this one from Anthropologie, which is really compact and even has a water spray and a micro pod with  coconut oil to hydrate after shaving!

6 . Face Cream

Pack some kind of hydrating face cream when you travel. AC while traveling can really dry your skin and make it look washed-out. Pick a moisturizing cream rich in vitamins and travel sized, so you can use it at all times to look and feel better. Also, if you always have makeup on and you want to hydrate quickly, facial hydrating sprays like Evian facial water and Aesop moisture hydrosol are your go-to options!

7 . A Travel Size Body Lotion

Do we need to stress once more how important is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate? If you’re anywhere near your 30s you know how much an hydrated skin looks better under any outfit! And since you always wanna have a young looking, elastic and glowing skin all over your body, a travel size body lotion – even better if freshly scented! – is really essential to get your skin ready for a day of travel, work or …shopping.

8 . The Concealer!

Travel size beauty products -concealer

When you take a lot of red eye flights, you may start to see bags under your eyes. This is where a great concealer makes the difference. Hide the bit of darkness or puffiness with a concealer that is just a bit lighter than your normal skin tone for the best results and pick the formula that’s better for your skin. Hint: if you have dry and subtle under-eye skin, opt for a lightweight liquid concealer to better blend it with your skin!

9 . A Good Foundation with Sunscreen

When choosing a foundation to take with you when you travel, choose one that also offers a SPF. No matter the season, a solar filter is especially important if you are are planning on spending a lot of time outside. There is no need to carry two different products when you can have a foundation that has sunscreen in it, right?

10 . Lip Balm

Whether you are traveling to a cold or hot location, lip balm is always handy. Traveling can dehydrate the body and it will show especially on your lips, not to mention how and is to have chapped lips. There’s a plethora of great options on lip balm, so you don’t have excuses on chapped lips anymore!

11 . Mascara

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Micah Giannelli

We’re talking about the most essential beauty products for a trip, so while there’s not a lot of space for blushes, bronzers and complicated eye makeup, we can’t really skip our daily dose of mascara, right? Even if you wear no make up at all, add a bit of mascara. It’s phenomenal how just a touch of mascara lengthens lashes and gives you that wide-awake, fresh look you want.

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