Unskilled Worker Gucci Capsule

Gucci’s Unskilled Worker collection launched on October 11 and it’s sold exclusively online, so what a better occasion to peruse it and pick some “investment” pieces?

Unskilled Worker Gucci Capsulevia Gucci

The collection is a 40 pieces capsule designed by Gucci’s artistic director Alessandro Michele and Helen Downie, the self-taught British painter behind the @unskilledworker Instagram account who amassed more than 250k followers with her colored and big-eyed paintings. The Unskilled Worker x Gucci collection is super colored and every item is styled with prints or embroidery based on Downie paintings.
Among my favorite pieces you’ll find the printed sneakers at #1, followed by the maxi cardi, the GG Marmont shoulder bag, the unskilled worker silk shirt and the green wool sweater in our cover story.

Here are the 14 pieces we picked from the collection as the most significative and wearable items!

If you love this capsule and want to know more about #unskilledworker, there’s an interesting interview she released on Daze about the capsule and how she sees fashion as for its self-expression function:

“Sometimes just by putting a different pair of shoes on it’ll change the way that you walk, it’ll do something inside, it’ll change your attitude, how you walk through the world. That’s fascinating.”

-Helen Downie

Here’s the teaser video for the capsule launch and a direct link the full collection. Enjoy!


Cover via @Gucci