How many mornings you wake up, get under the shower and then stare at the closet for like 10 long minutes wondering what to wear to work today? So, you suddenly realize your fashion fantasy just got down the shower drain. Again!

I know, it’s a shame, but believe me, the “ I don’t know what to wear today” mental refrain is usually hammering like you favorite song, especially if you want to look put together every time you step in the office.

And since I’m sure you want to dress to impress, but also don’t have a minute to splurge on the perfect outfit while you’re in a rush to commuting, I’m sure you’re going to love this post. And maybe sleep five more minutes tomorrow.

What To Wear To Work Today?

Well, there are a lot of great options outside of baggy, unfitted pantsuits and skintight MadMen-esque dresses. And it’s not written anywhere you have to dress like an old style accountant to look professional!

First of all, you’re going to need a few key pieces to serve as staples among your workplace wardrobe, so why not start with an easy one, that you really don’t imagine wearing at the office…

Get Stylish With Some Comfy Basics

Do yourself a favor and grab a few pairs of thick, solid black leggings. Yes, it’s possible to wear them in a fashionably outside of the athleisure trend.

Here’s how:

  • If you’re wearing leggings in the workplace, they usually look best over a long tunic, or shorter dress. As you’ll see in a minute,  the key to pulling off leggings at work is all dependent on the length of your top, and your accessories.
  • Try them under a long cardigan or a blanket cardigan, and if you like it, add a tie around your waist to accentuate your figure.
  • You could also pair them with a button-up or fitted blouse with a blazer or a loose-fitting, mid-thigh dress.
  • Because your leggings are a solid color, choose a brightly colored or patterned top to balance out the look. Tribal patterns are especially popular during warm weather months, so take advantage of them if you need some inspo on what to wear to work in the summer.

If you’re unsure where to buy work clothes and outfits that are work appropriate but really stylish, Woman Within reveals how you can make leggings look professional in addition to providing a wide variety of budget-friendly options.

That’s especially helpful if you’re starting out your career, or if you want to look fashionable and save money for vacations. And I love this site especially because it also shows lots of great leggings alternatives for any size and body shape. They’re comfortable, cozy, and with the right fit, they can support your bottom half in all the right places!

Make The Business Casual Styling Sweet And Short


As much as you might think it’s unnecessary, at some point, you’re going to need a suit.

Now, don’t panic just yet.

That doesn’t mean it has to include drab, unflattering trousers—aka clothing unworthy of feminine fashion.

Instead, grab a trendy blazer, a hip-hugging pencil midi skirt and style them up!

While there are several reasons why the midi is a must-have for your corporate closet, they’re also versatile enough to wear anywhere and everywhere thanks to the plethora of different styles, cuts, and designs available.

And they’re also great for coverage versatility:

  • When you’re in the office, you can pair it with a tucked-in silk blouse,
  • When you’re out of the office, you can pair it with a crop top to show a little skin.
  • You can also change your entire look just by swapping out your shoes.
  • They can look stylish and casual with a pair of white sneakers, or they can be corporate-ready with a pair of pumps.

As far as your blazer goes, if you can find one that matches you midi, grab it. If you can’t find a matching jacket, find a neutral tone in creme or black.

Or better, do the custom-made trick:

Grab one blazer that’s a little bigger than your size and have it tailored to fit your frame properly. A well-fitted skirt/blazer combo is a classic power outfit for any professional woman.

You don’t really know how your jacket should fit? Here’s a video from Lauren Messiah, a fellow personal stylist in Los Angeles who has all the tricks you’ll need to help you pick a fun, fashionable, and professional-looking blazer that you can use for the seasons to come!

Show Everyone You Don’t Really Need Heels


And finally, as far as professional footwear goes, you’re going to need a solid pair of heels.

Or not?

A few neutral-colored pumps are a universal and a year-round need for any professional girl, but more importantly, you’re going to want some comfortable and sensible flats. They look great with most dress lengths and styles, as well as with skinny and relaxed pant legs.

If it’s hard for you to let go of your heels, or you need a little reassurance that it’s okay to skip them entirely, take a note from Cindi Leive, the editor-in-chief ofGlamour. Once a heels-only kind of woman, she recently decided to ditch her heels for seven days.

When Leive went on Good Morning America to share her experience, she cited Victoria Beckham for the experiment’s inspiration. Beckham famously used to wear nothing but heels on a daily basis, but her recent line of work attire featured several varieties of flats, including some bright-white sneakers.

She had reservations at first. “I’m 5 foot 2, so having that extra little bit of lift has come to feel to me like armor,” she told GMA. “Am I going to feel like boss lady me when I’m in flats?” But as the week went on, she found she was just as confident and “boss lady” appropriate in her flats as she was her heels, which she no longer needed as a crutch for confidence.

If the head of Glamour can make flats work in a professional, high-fashion environment, you can too.

Start with a few flats like black Bow Derbys, point-toe flats, metallic loafers, and a few pairs of white sneakers and you’re done!

What Are You Wearing To Work Today?

There are plenty of professional outfits out there that can help you retain your femininity, as well as look like one hell of a “boss lady.” Do yourself a favor and grab a few of these key pieces, so you’ll never wake up wondering what to wear to work again!

📸 Cover: Cindy Damen x TheModeCode

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