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When I first started to write a blog, I had set everything out to make it look good so I could express my love for fashion and styling in my own way. And out of that, I was bored of doing the administrative job I had studied years for. My idea was to get in the blogging business and start working with brands as an influencer, as soon as possible.

That’s when I found out I had no clue on how to actually do it!

Now, I feel you may be in the same situation at some point in your blogging journey, so this post may come handy.

And since FemaleJungle is becoming somewhat “influencing”, I am partnering with The Cirqle, to show you how you can start working with brands as an influencer too!

working with brands as an influencer

Here’s my tips for you:

#1 Set a goal for your blogging activity

If you’re blogging with the idea to turn your passion into a job, you should start seeing yourself as an actual publisher. That’s basically the moment when you start deciding and planning upon the kind of audience you want to attract and the kind of message you want to share with them.

When you apply for influencers platforms like The Cirqle, you have to define what kind of content you’re into. In fact, becoming a catalyst for a specific audience is what makes you look interesting in front of brands.

So, let’s say you’re mainly focused on desserts recipes. Maybe you’re the ideal influencer for a kitchen brand and less appealing for a sportswear company, right?

The point is, when it comes to writing and sharing your passions, the idea of defining certain “limits” for your content may make you cringe, and I personally see niches as a trap too. That’s why I believe it’s better to coexist with “themes” instead of “niches”.

Here’s what I mean.

working with brands as an influencer - how to

Learn to develop your own publishing style. It is made up of how you write, how you present your content visually AND what you write about. If you are consistent with your own writing style and your visual style, you can expand in different verticals and keep being interesting for your audience!

For example, once you get accepted in The Cirqle, you will find brands that are preparing a certain campaign. At this point, deciding to apply for that campaign is not just a question of niche, it’s a lot about having a shared mood with the brand and knowing if your audience will like and get curious about that brand.

#2 Keep an eye on your stats

Numbers is basically what makes influencers stand out. The number of followers on social networks, the engagement rate of your followers, the number of visitors to your website and how much time they spend on it, they’re the things you should focus on before presenting yourself as an influencer.

Your stats don’t really need to be outstanding in order to start working with brands. Everyone starts at a certain point and there’s space for everyone in the influencers industry right now. But you should focus on growing your numbers steadily in order to secure more and more collaborations.

Speaking of, you may have heard of media kits, have you?

A media kit is a brief summary of your bio, your business purpose, your numbers and your past collaborations. It’s the tool brands use to measure the influence of publishers in order to decide if they’re a good fit.

When you enter The Cirqle and set up your profile, you’ll have your media kit automatically populated and updated with your social media stats and your previous collaborations. That’s great, because it’s not just a way to get track of your own growth metrics, it’s also a tool for brands to find the best influencers for their campaigns.

Here’s a screenshot of my profile from The Cirqle:

working with brands - The Cirqle

As you can see, I’ve made a statement about the purpose of my content and my Instagram feed is nicely displayed on the top of the page, so brands get an instant impression about my visual style and my mood.

The second section is dedicated to my stats, where I can keep an eye to on how my social following is doing in terms of growth rate and engagement rate. This page is my favorite go-to resource when I want to have an idea of how I’m doing on a monthly basis, and believe me, positive numbers do better than motivational speakers!

Influencer marketing platform - The Cirqle

The last section is dedicated to past brands collabs, and it’s sort of a portfolio displaying the pictures of your latest campaigns as an influencer. This section is great to see how your style and the quality of your content is evolving, which could be somewhat embarrassing if you look at old campaigns, but also really motivating when you find your quality is positively evolving. Yay!

#3 Connect with Brands

Once you set up your profile on you favorite influencer platform ( guess what’s mine..!) you have to connect with brands.

This step is a total mess for almost every influencer platform I know, but it works like a charm on The Cirqle. Read well, I don’t wanna sound salesy just because they are so cool and kind and they sent me – out of the blue – a dream box filled with chocolate, cashmere and luxury treats…

how to work with brands as a blogger

Let’s be frank.

If you know influencers platforms, you also know that there’s literally no possibility to pitch brands if they’re not doing a campaign. Usually, when brands search for influencers you get some kind of alert and apply for that campaign. Stop. No way to talk with brands, unless you’re connected with PRs.

Or unless you are in The Cirqle.

The possibility to pick brands and pitch them instantly is the thing that made me soooo excited when I discovered this platform.

Here’s how it works:

Once you log in The Cirqle, you’re directed to the dashboard page. Here’ you’ll find the latest available campaigns and an “infinte scroll” list of brands that YOU. CAN. PITCH. Don’t believe me?

Look here:

Working with branda as an influencer - how to pitch
In a spectrum from “unknown” to “your dream collab” all the brands you’ll find here fall in the second category. Take me, I’ve already worked with a brand like Wolford thanks to this platform!

Wrap it up

If you’re a fellow blogger ( or should I say influencer..? ) I hope this post will help you get your dream collab and if you decide to follow my advice, I’m sure you’ll soon start working with brands as an influencer, whatever your niche or category.

Blog things - working with brands as an influencer

Do you have questions on how to take your collaborations to the next level or something else you wanna know about The Cirqle? Write me in the comments below and I’ll get back to you in a flash!

If you felt in love with the items in my dream box, have a look at this brands:

The soft & chic cashmere scarf is from Inez Cashmere, the super cool watch is from Rosefield Watches, the amazingly scented luxury body lotion comes from Marie Stella Maris, the comfiest comfy hi-tech travel socks are from Stox Energy, and the handmade bonbons are from Friandries.