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Then, contribute!

Here at FemaleJungle, we deeply believe in the power of networking, and we love to see women reaching out to help and inspire each other.

So, if you have an empowering story to share, some secret tips to tell  or a cute outfit idea to show us, just get at the bottom of this page, fill in the form and pitch us your idea!

But first read read our statement:

We want FemaleJungle to become a place where women feel good with themselves, for what they are. We want to give our readers ideas and inspiration to get ahead in real life and strengthen femininity as a powerful value to cultivate day by day.

Women can be employees, CEOs, entrepreneurs, pilots, dancers, fighters, doctors, drivers, cops and mothers. We can wear heels, sneakers, leather pants or romantic skirts, and whatever we do every day, we manage to get through it while also studying, raising kids, cooking meals, doing dishes, taking care of  our family and basically doing a LOT of other things, seamlessly,  to make our loved ones live comfortably and smoothly.

This is the femininity that should make us think twice before acting like men to demonstrate we can be as good as them. Because we are, already!

So, let’s celebrate our femininity every day, at all degrees. Are you ready to pitch?

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